The Good News in our Dinner Tables

Andrew Ginn November 25, 2020

Growing up, I ate with my family at the dinner table most nights. We called it the supper table.

It was a sacred place.

Set apart where we committed to coming back together each day to see one another and celebrate what God had brought into our lives. And with my wife’s family, we have spent many hours at the dinner table, playing board games, laughing, and strategizing. 

The tables in our homes serve many different purposes. 

Right after we got married, Sadie and I built our first dining room table together. We managed to maneuver the skill saw we got as a wedding gift, some white pine wood, and a few screws to hold it all together.

We planned a little and hoped a lot in what this table would be: a place to share hospitality, love, and friendship.

This sharing is, after all, core to our Christian story. From the table’s beginning, we wanted to see it constructed so that we would be reminded of the hope it brought to our lives every time it held a plate and had a chair scooted up to it. 

A few years ago, Sadie built us a new table. It has a sharper design, a smoother finish, and all of the same hope. These days our table holds up the weight of a diaper bag and a car seat when we return home. It has a baby seat for our son in one of its chairs.

The story this table is holding is more complex than before and this is good news.

This is the progression that the table is made to move into. The hope, love, and hospitality given and received here should always bring new life. For this is the invitation of the Lord’s Supper: come, eat, and be fully reminded of the source of life. It is one of the fundamental rituals we say Yes to across all of our denominations and expressions of Christianity. God welcomes each of us to God’s table to be filled with new life. 

Our lives have drastically changed this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In our home, our table has held more bags and knick-knacks than friends lingering over meals. We have lamented this many times. And certainly this Thanksgiving, our table will be different. Likely, your’s will be too. What we do celebrate, however, is that God’s table is always open. Jesus says that all of us need but to come eat of the bread and drink of the cup, to experience this good news. 

We give thanks for our lives and the table!



Andrew Ginn

Assistant Director

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