Getting into a Rhythm

Philip Gaynor June 19, 2015

As we entered Thursday, campers had had three full days of camp under their belts. The first three days saw campers explore, learn, and practice their craft in skills; leave it all out on field while playing classic camp games; and rock the gym during Evening Watch. These long days of activities had brought a sense of enjoyment and joy to experience the joys of summer camp in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

Today, however, is really when campers fully get into a rhythm of being at camp. Having gone to all of their skills twice, campers can start to implement what they want to accomplish in their skills. They also are able to know the schedule better and know when to expect another fun tribal activity or when they can go to their favorite skill. The importance of getting into a rhythm is especially felt by our youngest guys in Bear Camp. Being in a new place is a tremendous endeavour for these guys and being able to do activities they enjoy doing every day and see people that they get to know better with each passing day is an important part to having a great time at camp.

As for a recap of the day we started off with breakfast burritos featuring the typical Mexican flair. Campers then whisked off to Morning Watch where they got energetic and spiritual fuel to match the nutritional food they had just consumed. Skills were full of enjoyment as some campers tested their competitive edge in tables games while others discovered the cool wonders of life in the Nature skill.

After a hearty lunch of meatball subs campers got enjoy an afternoon full of activities. Our oldest guys in the Sycamore Tribe played a raucous tournament of dodgeball with multiple games going down to the wire. The Poplar Tribe meanwhile prepared to go a campout and hike to the highest point at camp, Eden Rock. Deer Camp played well fought rounds of Risk, a camp favorite, while the Birch Tribe tinkered around with a game that is usually known to all as Gladiator. The Buckeye Tribe spent the afternoon playing soccer, hanging out on the swings, and engaging in sets of volleyball. During free swim campers basked in the sun (with sunscreen on!?) while being on the lake while they were out on stand up paddle boards and the waterfront activities of the Blob and the Log.

After a dinner of pasta with either marinara or alfredo sauce, most of camp attended a magic show that entertained and mystified those that were in attendance. Simultaneously campers from Bear and Deer Camp returned from a long day rafting on the Pigeon River and a group of Sycamores returned from a ski trip on Lake James. A few campers from Cabin 5 said that the unsuspecting drops of the river were their favorite part of trip. Now that campers have gotten into a rhythm they will be able for whatever new memories that await them from a summer here at camp.


All the best from Rockmont,

Philip Gaynor

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Today’s scripture reading…
Verse: Matthew 5:13-16
Story: The Sermon on the Mount: Salt and Light
+Where do you see yourself in the story?
+What is the good news?

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