Gearing Up for another Spring Travel Season

Shawn Marler January 20, 2012

After a joyful Christmas season and a few weeks of settling back into some office work, Matt and Shawn fueled up again and hit the road this week to continue spreading the word about Rockmont. Matt headed west and traveled down to Auburn University while Shawn turned east to Davidson College. Our travels will continue to take us to camper homes this Spring, but we will also add college fairs to our itinerary as we continue to seek out those counselors, lifeguards, and staff members who make Rockmont such an effective place for your son to grow each summer!

Matt drove down to War Eagle country for the Auburn Summer Job Fair, meeting up with David Appel from the A-Team. David is going to be making the transition to being a counselor this year, so you may see him in your cabin! Matt has always enjoyed the trip to Auburn, as we have gotten some amazing staff over the years (Trip Hughes, Bobby Owen, Andrew Nevin, and several others), and there’s always a good turnout. Matt spoke with several prospective counselors and program staff, and looks forward to the interviews to follow! Matt also recommends a stop by Toomer’s Drug Store for a tall glass of lemonade. Also, pay your respects to the Oak trees while there.

Shawn was excited to reconnect with Bear Camp counselors Grey Gordon and Parker Murphy on the incredibly beautiful campus of Davidson College. Both gentlemen are starting their second semester and are excited about what’s head as they continue to push through Davdison’s rigorous academic program.

It was refreshing to be with them and to see their excitement for camp. We shared dinner together at Fuel Pizza and discussed what it’s like to serve as a counselor at Rockmont with two of their close friends who are looking for summer opportunities. It was a fruitful trip and has us really excited about reconnecting with staff and moving towards the summer!

Next week, Dan will be headed out to Louisiania and back for a few home shows. Keep checking back to learn where we will be headed next. Our Travel Calendar is already taking shape. Please let us know if you would be interested to host Rockmont in your home this Spring. We would love to bring our video and story deeper into your community. You can call the office at (828) 686-3885 to learn more. Have a great weekend!

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