Shawn Marler June 16, 2015

As the sounds of Council Ring from Bear Camp and Deer Camp cascade down the mountain toward the valley and the center of camp, the older guys in Mountain Camp are enjoying the openness of camp while playing Leprechaun. All of our young men will soon return from the various areas of camp to their individual cabins, and most everyone will descend quickly into sleep. Today has been a day filled with adventure, a day filled with sun, and a day that has left us all feeling very full.

At promptly 7:45, the sound of reveille bounced across the Craggy Mountains laden with fog. Soon after campers and counselors alike were enjoying a meal of sausage, French toast sticks, and yogurt for the most important meal of the day. This is one of the best meals at camp, and all who enjoyed it this morning left feeling very full. This was needed fuel for a day that would push and grow us during a morning and afternoon skill day. After breakfast, campers went to their various tribal areas to sing songs, feed on God’s word, and clean their cabins.

Following morning watch, our campers departed to the skills they selected during the off-season. Many of them ran as quickly as possible out of eagerness to try something new—something that they have long been anticipating. While in various skills, our campers had the chance to hear from skill heads who are masters of their craft. While learning from the best, campers are also encouraged to enjoy the challenge of learning a new task. This challenge and the accomplishment of achieving progress and growth can lead to a lot of pride, a lot of contentment, and a feeling of wholeness—a feeling of being full.

After a lunch of chicken tenders, mac and cheese, and carrots, your boys then enjoyed another round of skills in the afternoon. One of the great things about Mondays is that all skills get to be tried out on one day. This gives our campers a great chance to get a glimpse of the next two weeks, meet a lot of new faces from different places, and immediately see some of the growth that is possible in a loving environment. Dinner came with the promise of hamburgers, chips, and brownies. The night has now come to most of camp, and with it comes a feeling that is common here on these grounds—a feeling of fullness. We have been filled by our brothers, filled by fun, filled by clear skies, laughter, love, challenge, and a lot of good food. Today we are full, and because of that, we are fully thankful.

In gratitude,
Drew Fowler
Program Director

Today’s scripture reading…
Scripture: Matthew 6:1-3, Matthew 6:19-24, Matthew 19:16-30
Story: Giving to the Needy
+Where do you see yourself in the story?
+What is the good news?

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