2019 Father Son Weekends!

Mike Peckham October 9, 2019

Over the past 2 weekends, we had over 150 families make the trek to Black Mountain for Father Son Weekend.

We’ve been doing these weekends since 2009 and have had many hundreds of fathers and sons come through the Rockmont gates.

Father son weekend has been growing over the years and it’s easy to see why.

Each Father/Son weekend, we see fathers spend time fishing, blacksmithing, kayaking, hiking, and slip n’ sliding with sons. Faces light up during these activities for 2 reasons: One, they’re incredibly fun. We have 650 acres set up for exceptionally fun weekends.

Even with all that fun, the main reason that folks say they keep coming back is that it’s time spent together. A whole weekend of outdoor fun and shared experience between father and son?! C’mon! That’s good stuff. Don’t believe us? Check out the photos!

There’s a lot of choices for what to do with a fall weekend, and we were honored to see so many fathers choose to spend that time with their sons at Rockmont. Moments of fun, challenge, and triumph abound during these weekends.

At Camp, we also like to dig a little deeper. Our great hope for the weekend isn’t just that it’s a fun 3 days (although you can bet that that’s a huge part of it!) We like to get more out of the time we have.

Throughout the weekend, Dan spent time with just the fathers and spoke about the complexities of fatherhood and the role that core values play in daily life. There are thousands of things that make up a good father, and trying to be perfect at them all is a fool’s errand. Fathers were encouraged to pick out a few specific values they can commit to and keep.

To continue that work with the fathers, Dan will be reaching out to everyone that asked for more information and inspiration. Dad’s, keep an eye out for more from Dan soon.

While the fathers were speaking with Dan, the exceptional summer staff that we had join us for the weekend spent time with the sons exploring how the biblical story of The Prodigal Son can inspire gratitude and thoughtfulness towards our fathers in our own hearts. The sons used this during our council ceremony to share moments of gratitude with their fathers.

With all the meaningful moments, incredible fun, and shared experiences these past weekends, everyone returned home with bigger hearts, and plenty of stories to tell.



Summer Camp Director


October Weekend Song Lyrics

We also wanted to share the song lyrics from the weekend, which you can download from our website here. We hope that you find them to be helpful “hallway songs” for your sons at school and along your journey as well.

View 2019 October Father/Son Weekend Photos Here!

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