Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Josh Drexler July 23, 2015

Today was one of those days. Whimsical clouds drifted across a cobalt blue sky. The sun blazed brightly and warmed while the wind blew gently and cooled. Sails carried boys and boats swiftly across a lake surrounded by towering mountains. Near the shore, a horse and his rider strode into the water and swam. It was one of those days that makes you believe in miracles, that it was all fearfully and wonderfully made.

It was also one of those days that inspires one to believe that God is very much still at work, that our hearts are still growing, that we will become people who do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly. Inspiration came in the morning through vigorous and good-spirited competition between campers from Camp Rockmont, Camp Judea, Camp Blue Star, Camp Highlander, and Camp Hollymont. Campers vied against one another in a number of events, including swimming, volley ball, archery, rock climbing, and soccer. This “CampStock” competition has been going strong for five years now, reminding us that we have many friends outside of these gates that are rooting for us, and that need us to root for them.

Inspiration also came today through witnessing the friendships that have been born out of the last two or four weeks of camp. New life has truly sprung from the deep. It is awesome to watch these young men grow in how they care for one another.

For my family, this Classic 3 Session will be remembered for the time we spent waiting on our third child to be born. It has been a true gift to wait at Camp. Perhaps the waiting has slowed things down a bit and allowed us to see more clearly. What we’ve seen are lives being changed, and that makes us excited about what lies in store for this child.

Inspired to be at Camp,

Josh Drexler

Today’s Scripture: Genesis 25:19-34

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