An Extraordinary Place

Stan Wilson June 28, 2021

I got to watch the entirety of a warm, sunny, mountain summer day from the porch of Eden Hall, which is an extraordinary place to look at the world

From Eden Hall, we look north to the Black Mountain Range, rising 4000 feet above us to the highest peaks east of the Rockies. To the east, we see the Seven Sisters and to the west, we see the Great Craggies (a subrange of the Blue Ridge). We look up the north fork of the Swannanoa River Valley, the watershed for the entire Asheville community, and we never see the same view twice. 



Our day started with the fishermen, who get up most days at sunrise to come down the lake. After them came the disc golfers, and then the Thunderball players. We have “dawn treaders,” who are the staff who get up early to allow campers to get up when they wake up. Or who wake up early just to fish and watch the sun playing on the Black Mountains. 


The day continued with our first morning watches.

From the porch of Eden Hall, you can hear them all singing from their various places, their voices thundering out of the woods. It was then the first full day of skills. I got to watch the first class of swim sports and the first class of archery, and I enjoyed wondering how many of these guys were doing something for the first time – swimming in a lake or shooting a bow. You could see the readiness in their eyes. 


The sun was setting after a Mountain Camp and Deer Camp free swim and Bear Camp Council.

A few clouds were descending from the Black Mountains, and the dark and light were mixing it up on those mountains. One new camper, from New Orleans, said, “Man, I love watching this.” 


I do, too.

And I was glad to welcome him to the big company of Rockmont campers and staff who have been inspired and changed by the vision of those mountains . . . and by all the adventures that occur in this beautiful watershed!


Stan Wilson

Coordinating Director, Director of Risk Management

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