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Shawn Marler July 12, 2016

After a very exciting Opening Day, camp awoke bright and early for the first full day of the session. The early morning and hearty breakfast were just what the campers needed to fuel a day filled with Skills. The first day was a chance for the boys to be introduced to these exciting activities. Knots were being taught in climbing, horseback riding campers met the horses that they will be bonding with, and games were played at the Waterfront – all vital steps that laid the groundwork needed for the campers to start growing over the next two weeks.

Skills were not the only thing that campers enjoyed today, as there were also two Free Swims. During this time, camp is released from their scheduled skills and is granted some freedom to relish in the many diverse activities that Rockmont offers. Campers could roam the Waterfront stations such as the Blob, Turtle, Diving Boards, Zipline, and the Log Roll. They could also choose to play a round of Disc Golf with new friends or maybe take a break from the busy day and start writing their letters home.

Hickory, Hemlock, and Sycamore all started on a grand adventure this evening! These camps left before dinner for their Tribal Campouts and for a night of good food and fellowship as well as a chance to sleep in God’s creation. “Camp,” after all is our first name, and these campers are jumping right into their camp out experience.

The campers that were still on camp had no less of an amazing night as they had their own adventures after dinner. Bear Camp prepared to hike up the mountain for their very first Council and share the night in Brotherhood and telling stories of camper growth. With the rest of camp either camping or in Council; Rockmont was left in the hands of the Poplar Tribe. They took advantage of this by playing a Camp Wide game of Leprechaun – a Shirt Tail Tag game where campers must search across Rockmont to find all of the paint stations without being caught by the Leprechauns.

Tonight all campers, both on and off camp, were asked to reflect on Mark 1: 29-39 during their Devotion Time. In this passage Jesus is called by the people to preform many miracles. Here we are reminded that we can always call upon the Lord in our time of need. As camp begins to rev up, this reminder can be a powerful comfort when the challenges present themselves – all of which are opportunities for growth!

This evening’s Bible story…
Story: Jesus Heals Others and Prays in a Solitary Place
Scripture: Mark 1: 29-39
+ Where do you connect with the story?
+ What’s the good news?

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