Engaging the Imagination

Shawn Marler July 22, 2015

Camp has a way of engaging the imagination that is impossible when sitting in front of a computer, a TV screen, or while playing a gaming console. One of today’s adventures here at camp included Vikings, Dragon Riders, and Alpha Dragons. And the power of the experience lay in the fact campers became these characters. The Buckeye and Birch tribes joined for an afternoon playing “How to Train Your Dragon 2.” The hit-movie had come to life for these young campers. They were “flying” all over the field this afternoon collecting orbs, defeating dragons, and becoming Alpha Dragons. And they loved it! You could see them light up as they entered a story they love. More than just watching it on a big screen, they had entered the story itself.

The whole of Tuesday is spent in large-group activities, which is a great opportunity for building stronger friendships in the cabin and tribe. Campers also engage their imaginations as they try on different roles, strategize together, and navigate through various missions and objectives. All of this contributes to healthy social growth, plus it’s incredibly FUN!

Morning tribal activities carried the Buckeyes into Counselor Hunt with campers trying to identify mysteriously-costumed counselors around camp. Birches headed down into the Challenge Course to strengthen cabin bonds. Meanwhile, the Hickories and Hemlocks spent the morning Blobbing, Logging, and playing all around the Waterfront. Poplars returned from their cabin camp outs and settled back in to central camp, while the Sycamores could be found in tribal activities throughout camp.

We enjoyed a morning Free Swim before heading to lunch to celebrate Taco Tuesday.These kids love their tacos! Then we rested for an hour, re-energizing for an exciting afternoon. That’s when the little guys headed out to play “How to Train Your Dragon 2.” The Hickories and Hemlocks finished preparing their packs and then headed up the trail for their overnights on the mountain. Rockmont camp outs are a treat, especially when the weather is as comfortable as it was today with the perfect blend of warm sun and cool winds. Poplar and Sycamore were found all over camp playing Risk, a multi-team capture-the-flag activity. Risk is a camp classic and one campers are eager to play each summer!

We had a second Free Swim before dinner, then refueled and prepared for an evening continuing the fun! Our youngest campers, Buckeye and Birch, played “Journey to Mordor,” a Lord of the Rings themed tribal activity that’s new this summer. Poplars and Sycamores waited for the sun to set before playing “Behind Enemy Lines,” a stealth-based game of searching for a flight recorder box and a downed pilot (one of the directors). Up on the mountain, the Hickories and Hemlocks enjoyed their dinners around a fire before settling down in their sleeping bags under a brilliantly bright starry night.

Our evening Bible story brought us to the second part of the prodigal son story. We were reminded of our Father’s compassion for us as well as his call to love and forgive our brothers. God is always pursuing us and ever changing our hearts and the way we view one another.

It was a full day! Filled with action and adventure and innumerable opportunities for growth. And, even better, shared in the company of new and old friends alike. I can’t imagine a better way to spend a summer day!


Shawn Marler

2015 Bear Camp Director

Tonight’s Bible Story…
Scripture: Luke 15:25-32
Story: Two Lost Sons – The Story of the Elder Son
+Where do you see yourself in the story?
+What’s the good news?

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