Endings and Beginnings

Dan Davis June 25, 2021

The final day of a camp session is always filled with mixed emotions for campers and staff.

On one hand, there’s celebrating and remembering all the new experiences, fun, and friendship that happened during the session.  There is also the excitement of seeing family for the campers and having some needed time off for the staff. 

“Every passage begins with an ending and ends with a beginning.”

And on the flip side, there’s the sadness of leaving a place where you experience a wholeness and aliveness that can be rare and cannot be duplicated on a screen.

It was wonderful to see the young men run and explore after a year where many spent more time than usual indoors. I saw plenty of tears today as the camper’s departed. These tears were salty and sweet as thoughts turned to storytelling and songs to be sung.

As the parents grinned, the campers repeated again and again “see you next year.” 

Thank you for the trust that you extend Rockmont each time you bring your sons to camp.  We treat the care of each camper as a sacred trust and hope that the stories your sons share with you will be filled with laughter and adventure that will be a source of encouragement for years to come.



Dan Davis

Director of Camper and Family Development

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