Embracing Tradition and Scaling New Heights: Unveiling Our New Logo

The Rockmont Team January 12, 2024

We are thrilled to announce a milestone in our organization’s journey – a brand new logo that pays homage to our rich history while embodying the adventurous spirit of growth Rockmont has embraced for almost 70 years.

As we reveal this symbol, we invite you to celebrate the blend of tradition and new beginnings, as we believe the essence of Rockmont thrives in their intersection.

First, a quick history of Rockmont’s logos!

Our original logo, crafted in 1956, arrived in the form of a shield. This logo can still be seen outside the Eden Hall bathrooms, and features a tent surrounded by hemlock trees, backdropped by a voluminous cloud. 

In the late 70s, Rockmont launched a circular logo featuring a nod to the lake, a two-tiered triangular mountain, and a sun setting just behind. It’s thought that the two peaks of the mountains represent Choctaw and Eden Rock, which campers and staff hike every summer.

The late 90s brought a modern logo for the early aughts featuring a capital R (for Rockmont) in a font favorite – Futura Black. The Rockmont R was surrounded by large C, signifying Camp. You can still see this logo on the eastern side roof of the old canoe docks. Futura Black is still used as a headline font across camp including many signs and the front of the Brookside Gym before the 2021 renovation. (We still have the sign and are finding it a new home).

Rockmont’s next iconic iteration brought back the mountains from the 70s logo – for this logo the mountains are an outline of the Black Mountains. We also see the return of the clouds from the 1956 shield. What’s striking and important, though, is this logos new feature – an eagle. Eagles have long been a part of the Rockmont legacy – from stories of eagles, Nature skill sessions from professional eagle preservation specialists, the Flying Eagle Award, and even the seemingly annual visits of a bald eagle to the property.

Our most recent logo focused on the eagle, keeping the circular design. This is the logo that greets you as you enter the property, welcoming you home. It’s also the image all of us that work full time at Rockmont have worn on opening day polos, countless name tags, and, more importantly, in our spirit, as we continually commit to the life giving work summer camp embraces.


The Path Ahead

In our initial meetings about designing a new logo we laid out a few important priorities. We wanted this image to include elements of the original 1956 logo. We also wanted to keep the eagle from the previous two logos. We talked as a staff about what other images and themes come to mind when we think about Camp. 

As we continued conversations in early 2023, we invited current and former campers & staff, as well alumni to contribute. A few key elements began to stick out:



Not just any mountains, our mountains. As we pressed deeper into the theme of our mountains, a former staff member brought up a conversation he had with Stan Wilson about the hike to Eden Rock.

The initial part of the hike may seem easy. There’s a fresh water source after a short portion of this hike, but it is the only place to refill, so it is important to drink plenty of water before reaching that point. The next section of this hike is steep and may seem unrelenting, but the payoff is quite a view of the Swannanoa River Valley. Your travel from Choctaw Rock takes you even higher before reaching an essential right turn. Then, interestingly, you start a downward journey into what we call the saddle. You can see the saddle and the rise to Eden Rock really well from the stretch of land past the dam. Once you’ve reached the lowest point of the saddle, you begin to ascend again, and that’s when you reach Eden Rock.



Similar to the theme of mountains, it was important to the Rockmonters we spoke with that the trees be trees from camp. We have a wealth of tree species throughout the middle of camp, and many of them have been honored by the Swannanoa Valley Tree Alliance as Treasured Trees of the Valley. The tree that people kept coming back to was the Eastern Hemlock.

The Eastern Hemlock is a keystone species of trees, without which the forest could not function as it currently does. They provide crucial shade for streams, maintaining the cold water required for trout and other life that use these small waterways. They provide shade, too, for many native plants such as trilliums, lady slippers, jack-in-the-pulpits, and various sedges. Hemlocks provide food and habitat for over 120 species of vertebrates, as well as more than 90 types of birds. They contribute greatly to air and water quality, removing CO2 from the air, and filtering out pollutants in their root system before reaching water sources. On steeper slopes, Hemlocks prevent erosion and protect against flooding and landslides. Finally, though Hemlocks present as green up close, they contribute the legendary blue hue to the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

Hemlocks, however, are declining due to the invasive insect Woolly Adelgid. In fact, a Virginia Tech College of Agriculture study recently found that over 50% of the Blue Ridge’s Eastern Hemlocks may be currently affected.

With help from the North Carolina Forest Service, we’ve been able to treat many of our Eastern Hemlocks throughout main camp. And because of this work, most have maintained a healthy status. The NCFS even comes by camp to collect healthy seedlings for use in the region to help support and maintain a healthy population of Eastern Hemlock Trees!



Designing a New Logo

Before we reached out to designers, we collected the elements that we wanted included in the new design. We selected the shield shape, to honor the original logo from 1956. We also wanted to preserve the eagle from our most recent logo, keeping it as an essential element. We chose a photo of our mountains, taken from the dam, in which you can see the steep hike to Choctaw, the descent into the saddle, and the ascent to Eden Rock. We selected the Hemlock tree to be included in the design. Finally, we wanted our established date to be included, as a marker of our growth.

Over 50 designers submitted over 300 designs. We slowly narrowed the designers down to five, finally selecting who would finalize our new logo. After several revisions we arrived at what you see today, and we hope you cherish it as an emblem of Rockmont’s ongoing legacy.

With this unveiling, we reaffirm Rockmont’s commitment to growth, resilience, and the enduring spirit that has shaped generations of campers and staff.

As we embark on the next phase of our journey, we are also reminded that this symbol, with all its embedded intentionality and meaning, is just a symbol. It is the people that come through the gates each year who create the experience and spirit of camp. Rockmont holds a special place in the hearts of so many, and we are grateful to be stewards of a space so many call home.



The Rockmont Team

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