Dog Days of Summer

Philip Gaynor August 1, 2015

The last few days have seen the temperatures rise and the sun soak the mountains throughout the valley. Campers and staff took advantage of their surroundings and cooled off in the lake on the waterfront, Gullywasher, zip line, and paddleboards. While having fun on the water and playing other activities campers made sure to keep hydrated to ensure a great time. While we have reached the consistently hot portion of the summer, “the dog days of summer,” I thought it would be appropriate to check in our camp dogs that help make the days of summer here at camp enjoyable.

A roundup of select dogs on camp:
Moses joined the Poplars recently on their hike to their campout, as he led the way howling and running up and down the trails
Gracie has enjoyed the attention she has received after recently celebrating her 5th birthday this week.
Lucy has taken the time to cool off and go for a few swims in Lake Eden and letting everyone know about it if you know what I mean.
Sally has appreciated the cooler parts of camp taking have in the shade of the willow tree in central camp.

As for Friday’s activities, we started the day with Poplar tribe returning from their tribal campout. Next everyone was off to their morning skills as we began the 3rd day of them. Campers have been able to get into a good rhythm with their skills and have begun to get deeper into projects and/or learn more about their skills. After lunch we got some well needed rest before heading off to a round of afternoon skills. After dinner saw tribes settle into evening activities. The two Bear Camp tribes left for their respective campouts while Mountain Camp settles into the gym for a movie night. Meanwhile The Hemlock trib took the evening for a post-dinner round of disc golf while the Hickory tribe played a game of Gladiator, a capture-the-flag style game.
After a long and full day we will refuel our spirits at devotion before getting a good night’s sleep as we prepare for another fun and exciting day during the DOG days of summer!

All the best from Rockmont,

Philip Gaynor

2015 Director Support

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