Diving In!

Will Campbell June 8, 2021

At Rockmont we approach every challenge with grace and tenacity, and a perfect example of this is at the Waterfront!

The Rockmont Waterfront is a special place. Throughout the day, campers can be seen swimming, jumping, sliding, and most importantly: having fun! On the waterfront, our lifeguards serve as an extension of the counselors. Today, I watched our lifeguards teach swim lessons to the Deer Campers — our Aquatics Director, Lauren Clifford, is a master coach. She works closely with the campers to teach them the right swimming strokes. Our lifeguards are fun and encouraging. They praise campers for their good work, and encourage them in growth as well!

Our newest waterfront attraction is called The Web.

It is an aerial aquatic ropes course that contains eight unique and challenging sections. If a camper is able to successfully complete all eight sections,  they are rewarded with a special swim band (and here at Rockmont we take swim bands seriously!).

It’s always amazing to see and hear campers encourage each other to keep trying and face The Web head-on.

I was a lifeguard for The Web during a free swim recently, and I watched Cabin 17 cheer on their cabin mates as each of them attempted the challenge.

The shouts of “you got this!” and “great job!” could be heard from all over the waterfront.

Rockmont excels at creating this encouraging culture. Camp is an environment where campers are welcomed to succeed and fail at the same time. While Cabin 17 was busy taking on The Web, the counselors and lifeguards were working alongside the campers during the challenge with the ultimate goal of growth in mind.

As this week continues, and for the rest of the summer, I will certainly be on the lookout for more moments of challenge and growth on the waterfront and all over camp!


Will Campbell

Deer Camp Director

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