Creating New Traditions

Andrew Ginn June 15, 2021

Creating New Traditions


These first few days of camp have been a whole lot of fun! Our first classic session of the summer brings with it so many fixtures of two weeks at camp: free swims, council, campouts, friends new and old, and lots of good food!

And, all of this is happening within a new framework here at camp. Things that we’ve always done, we’re getting to do a little bit differently. This is good news, and I want to tell you a little bit about how I’m seeing these new ways take hold. 

Today we had morning skills, and afternoon tribal activities. Campers are getting to take two more skills than they have in recent years, and skills are happening more often throughout the week. This gives campers more time for fun and growth! 

Campouts look a little bit different this year than they have recently. Mountain Camp just left this afternoon to head up and across the mountain here at camp for their cabin campouts. The Poplars are camping at the adirondack shelters tucked into the forest among the Walking Ferns, the thick Birch trees, and an Eastern Screech Owl here and there, watching the night. The forest and the adirondacks have been there, but it’s a new way for the Poplars to be among them.

All around the mountain tonight, Sycamores are free to pitch their tents in a few locations they’ve selected. Among other campsites, we’ll have cabin campouts at the base of Barely Falls and the peninsula of the golf course. These young men have been to these places before, but never like this. 

And perhaps my favorite new thing we’ve added has been coming into the dining hall at lunch, dancing to music. We have a dozen hits that we’re used to singing, and some of us learning to sing, that bring us into the dining hall each day. They are fun! But this year, no matter if it’s your first or fifth year at camp, together we have created a new way to enter the dining hall. 

Yesterday was “Boogie Wonderland” by Earth, Wind & Fire and The Emotions. Today was “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac. It’s created a wonderfully fun energy, right in the middle of the day when we need it!

The Bear Campers have just finished up a big afternoon of waterfront tribal activities and the Deer Campers are celebrating the fun and teamwork of a shirt tail-tag game accomplished. 


We continue in all that makes this place good and we’re open to seeing and celebrating fun new ways of doing it. 



Andrew Ginn

Assistant Director for Staff Development

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