Constraints Breed Creativity

Mike Peckham February 12, 2021

I’m excited about this weird summer! 


I mean it. Most of the changes that we’ve had to make to the program have been just that: exciting. There’s something about problem solving at Rockmont that gives camp energy.  During the summer, on a rainy day, when nothing is going to plan… camp comes alive!


It’s part of the Rockmont Way of life around here.


Counselors who have to stay in (and entertain) their cabins during lightning watch, start blanket fort building competitions, indoor rubber band golf, and even more games that haven’t even been invented yet! 

If the field you wanted was already reserved, and you’re down to last pick on the supplies, you get creative with what’s in the back of the shed. Some of the best Camp Olympic events have been held with wiffle ball bats, rope, a basketball, and lots of  ingenuity. 


And the strangest thing is, those moments are almost always the most memorable.


They’re the ones that stand out. Those moments are often the first stories that parent’s hear on the car ride home.

In some ways, it’s confusing: we can spend weeks planning games, programming campouts and trips, creating new games, making skills better… and what the campers are most excited about is the rainiest day of their session when the whole cabin invents the game of “cup toss.” But I wouldn’t have it any other way!


Here’s the thing about creativity: it thrives under constraints


With COVID, this summer we’ve got some constraints. Important ones. Ones to keep everyone healthy. But, we’re using those constraints to build a unique and palpable energy, and I hope you can feel it.

Opening day is going to look different, and campers are going to grow closer as a cabin faster than ever. Campouts need to change a little this year, and we’ve got new places and ideas for everyone to have fun in the woods. Skills might be a bit smaller than before, and that’s more time to play, learn, and grow. Even mealtime is going to look different, with some cabins getting to eat in places we’ve never had meals before! We’ve got new (and classic) tribal activities to play, places to hike, friends to make, and new things to try. 


What I’m most excited for though, is the same this year even with Covid constraints: to see how your camper’s creativity comes alive once they arrive at Rockmont!


Mike Peckham

Camp Director

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