Chuck Flournoy July 2, 2021


It’s one of Rockmont’s greatest gifts to campers. It’s fun to watch it grow as a session progresses!

It’s fun to see campers who may have started out a little tentatively, go racing by with just a quick wave and wide grin on their way to the waterfront. 


It’s interesting to see how resiliency builds confidence too.

Last night, Deer Camp spent the night up the mountain for cabin campouts. It poured all night. Even in our comfy Adirondack shelters, a rainy campout night can dampen the most positive of spirits. The morning dawned with a last spit of rain. Clouds obscured our view of the valley through breakfast.


By mid-morning, the sun was poking through.

Deer Camp came down from their campout and got good hot showers and a trip to the Cola Stop! By lunch, it was fully sunny and now as I look out the Roundhouse window, afternoon skills are in full swing. The noise level at lunch told me that the camp is happy and full of energy!


I’m reminded that – just as the sun breaks through and overcomes the clouds – our campers learn perseverance, patience, and resiliency.

The ebb and flow of camp life naturally poses moments of sheer, boundless joy as well as times when you miss your nice bed at home. Both are important and both are inevitable. 


I’m guessing that 20 years from now those Deer Campers will be telling the story of last night’s campout.

The rain will have morphed over time into a torrential flood, and the path down will have become so muddy in the telling that they were lucky to have made it back in one piece. But undergirding it all will be the camaraderie of shared experience – and especially the understanding that they emerged stronger, tighter, and more sure of themselves.


I am confident of that!


Chuck Flournoy

Program Director

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