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Andrew Ginn June 16, 2018

A theme for us this summer at Rockmont, throughout staff training and well into the first week of camp has been, “The Rockmont Way.” It has been seemingly hard to nail down a precise definition, but generally it means that we jump into whatever is needed at camp. Throughout the day there are dozens of different jobs to get done. Well before the first camper rises to cast his line into Lake Eden, the team in the kitchen has gone into the kitchen to prepare food for our tables. Before anyone grabs their buddy tag from the Buddy Board and gets onto the waterfront, the lifeguards have swept off the docks, taken down the spider webs, and carefully raked the sand. Even before campers stand up in front of Council to be recognized for a torch or a mark, counselors have prayed over these journeys. This is necessary work. This is community work.

I’ve had the pleasure of teaching Bible Study Story Lab skill this session with a group of guys interested in learning more about what God says to us, and about us, through the Scriptures; and even through stories of contemporaries who have been influenced by Jesus’ call to follow. The call to make a new way through the Good News. Our theme this session has been the Greatest Commandment, loving the Lord your God completely and loving your neighbor as yourself. As we began our skill together on Wednesday afternoon this week, something came up that needed my attention and pulled me away from skill. We had just opened a book called Harvesting Hope, a story about Cesar Chavez the labor leader and civil rights activist who fought for the rights of farmers in the 1960s, and was wholly influenced by his Roman Catholic faith.

When I had to step away, our Waterfront Director Derek Williams was on a break and volunteered his time to step in for me and read the story. This is the Rockmont Way. A job comes up or someone needs life spoken into them, and someone steps in. We train our staff to do this well, and we see campers showing up to do this every day. It is just who they are.

Life pulls us in many different directions. And here at camp, it’s encouraging to be in a community that values working together. Whether it’s helping pitch the tent on a campout, passing the water around the table, or listening to a friend in need. This work, our common journeys of growth, are community work. That’s the Rockmont Way.



Andrew Ginn

Bear Camp Director

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