First Closing Day of the Summer

Chuck Flournoy June 11, 2021

As parents arrive today to pick up their sons from our first session, I’d like to share a poem written by a long-time camp mom and good friend.

With thanks for the opportunity to work with your sons, and in gratitude for those serving on our staff this summer.

“Today my sons came home from camp – 

   Happy, strong, and tan. 

In each there is a different look – 

   Still boy, but nearer man.

I listen as they tell their tales

   Of hikes, and food, and sun.

I laugh with them as they recall

   The days of special fun. 

Tonight God hears a mother’s prayer

   As she gathers in her day.

She’s grateful that her boys are home,

   Yet pleased they went away.

Thank you, dear Lord, for mountains tall,

   For forests, trails, and streams,

But most of all for men who help,

   Young boys to reach for dreams.”

-Mur Taylor, 1971


Chuck Flournoy

Program Director


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