Climbing Higher

Shawn Marler June 12, 2014

Wednesday has always been an interesting day for a one-week session. It seems that this is the day when the campers settle in and start to feel more confident. At this point they know where the skills are, they know all the people in their cabin, and they know the daily schedule. And just like that… camp is almost over- only one more full day after tonight! It is also an interesting day for our campers at Base Camp as they have now settled into their temporary residence at Black Mountain Campground.

To make the most of our Wednesday, we packed in as much classic Rockmont fun as we could. After a hearty breakfast of French toast sticks, sausage, and yogurt, all the starter week tribes headed back to morning watch for some rambunctious singing and a vision fro the day. Cabin cleanup winners were announced with much rejoicing. (Who doesn’t love candy as a reward?) And a new round of cabin cleanup began. (With not as much rejoicing…)

For the morning activity, Buckeye, Birch, and Hickory all headed to the waterfront for some Blobbing, Zipping, and Gullywashing. Even though that took all the time to Freeswim, some campers couldn’t get enough and stayed under the lifeguards’ watchful eye for another full hour of waterfront fun.

After a delicious lunch of pulled pork BBQ, rest period arrived. Many campers write letters home during this time (though the older ones tend to just need sleep.) Skills resumed today as we saw all the campers shooting, crafting, playing, and learning under the watchful guidance of our local skills staff. There’s always something special about seeing a child watch an activity, try it with help, and move on to doing it themselves.

Over at Base Camp, our 3 week campers dived into their temporary living spaces. Campers split their time between fun in the woods and setting up camp. All had the opportunity to set up their tents, enjoy some delicious spaghetti, and wash their own dishes! After there was a lot of time for Frisbee, basketball, dam building, rock stacking, and other activities around main camp. There was also a group trip for some to rock climb at Linville Gorge. There were two challenging courses at Linville: a 50’ section and a 100’ section. While climbing up the rock face of Table Rock, campers had the opportunity to see some of the most breath-taking views in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Although this was a challenging section to climb, the guys tried valiantly and learned some valuable skills along the way. They were also treated to some wonderful hikes on beautiful trails along the way.

As I type this, the sky is dimming, and I can hear the sounds of Bear camp playing “Risk” on lower camp and Deer camp playing “Divide and Conquer” in the gym. Based on the amount of audible fun bouncing across the lake and the stories of fun and activities from Base Camp, I can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds.

Mike Peckham
Deer Camp Director

Today’s bible story…
Climb the tree (Luke 19:1-9)
+Where do you see yourself in the story?
+What is the good news?

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