Classic 3 is in Full Swing!

Shawn Marler July 11, 2016

Even though it was only a few hours ago that you dropped your campers off, Classic 3 is already in full swing. It was a rich experience to all gather in Eden Hall this evening for dinner, having rekindled old friendships forged in summers past as well as to celebrate the beginning of new friendships. We joined around the table as family this evening, excited for all the adventures ahead in the next two weeks.

From the moment parents drove off the property, not a moment was wasted in building up cabin unity and moving into fun activities. The afternoon’s activities were a balance of cabin-oriented games and tribe-wide games, allowing campers to get to know those in their own bunk as well as getting to know neighboring campers their same age. Each cabin also took turns for the swim test on our Waterfront Staff and receiving their swim bands, skill cards, and coupon books.

After a delicious dinner of baked chicken and sides (with ice cream for dessert!), the campers were energized and ready to head out to evening activities. The Buckeyes were off on a camp-wide Scavenger Hunt to learn how to navigate camp. Campers now have a better sense of where they are and how to get to their skill locations tomorrow. Meanwhile, the Birches played a new-to-camp game called Momentum, which is a capture-the-flag style game. Further up the mountain, all of Deer and Mountain Camp went to their first Council, which is a sacred time for the campers to hear stories of camper growth and to establish a sense of brotherhood moving into the session.

We ended our day with something that all of the campers and counselors really look forward to each night. We heard a story from Scripture and explored how it can be applied to our own lives. Tonight’s passage was Mark 1:14-20, Jesus Announces the Good News. Campers discovered the good news that is found in this passage and how Jesus calls us from where we are to follow Him. We would like to ask you to reflect on this passage as well, and how you connect with the story. Thank you for giving us the pleasure of spending time with your children. We are so excited for the two weeks to come!

This evening’s Bible Story…
Story: Jesus Announces the Good News
Scripture: Mark 1:14-20
+Where do you connect with the Story?
+What’s the good news?

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