Classic 2 and Summit Camp are in Full Swing!

Shawn Marler June 28, 2016

There’s no better Monday than a Camp Rockmont Monday! We are so grateful to have had beautiful, mild weather for our first All Skills Day of Classic 2! Today, campers enjoyed all four skill blocks as well as a free swim before lunch and another before dinner. Many campers had their first opportunity to have a blast at the waterfront during one of the two free swims.

Campers had a blast at the introductory sessions of their skills today! Horseback riders got the introduction to rules, helmet fittings, and even got assigned to their horses for the session! In the climbing skills, campers learned to tie their climbing knots.

Along with having a fantastic day at skills, Bear Camp, Deer Camp, and Mountain Camp all had thrilling activities today! Bear Campers will have their very first Council meeting tonight! Council is a special time of bonding, recognition, and ceremony that campers never will forget as campers are marked for signs of growth! Deer Campers left for their first campout tonight. Each cabin hiked up the mountain to make dinner together, enjoy s’mores, and sleep under the stars! Some Deer Campers went to our Adirondack shelters to camp while others wen to the Tribal Campsite. Tomorrow, Deer Campers will all meet together at Eden Rock high above Camp Rockmont! The young men of Mountain Camp also had an exciting first Monday at camp! The Sycamore Tribe left for a two night tribal campout today. This campout is a particularly special one because the Sycamores get to camp at the South Toe River which is at the base of Mt. Mitchell, the highest point on the East Coast. The Poplar Tribe is playing a camp-wide game tonight called Leprechaun. Finally, the Paladins of Mountain Camp received their distinctive Paladin rings today!

At tonight’s devotion, campers will be reading through Matthew 8:5-13 and learning the story of the soldier coming to Jesus to ask for healing for his servant. They will read and discuss the story’s good news and where they each see themselves in the passage. In this passage, campers will discover Jesus’ power and love, seeing how he was able to heal a man without even being physically near him. Also, campers will see the soldier’s great faith and that the Lord is at work in all circumstances. We are all looking forward to a great Tuesday at camp tomorrow!

This evening’s Bible story…
Scripture: Matthew 8:5-13
Story: A Soldier Comes to See Jesus
+ Where do you connect with the story?
+ What’s the good news?

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