The 2021 CIT Program

Dan Davis April 6, 2021

The CIT program has a BIG Vision for this summer!



If you are 16-17 years old, and want to have a blast while forming great friendships and helping others… then this is the program for you! The classic definition of CIT, in the camping industry, is Counselor In Training. Most camps have a version of this program and it’s been a part of Rockmont’s story for decades. Traditionally, it’s for young men who have aged out of the camper programs.

At Rockmont the CIT program is a Launching Pad for 16 and 17-year-olds to live into a new and powerful part of their lives.

At Rockmont we focus on friendship, serving the camp and the local community, discovering our leadership strengths and challenges, working with campers, fun, and adventureAnd a typical day is full of all of these intentions!


Leadership Training will be an important aspect of the CIT program.

A CIT will lead a group gathering in the morning to set the theme of the day. Then we are off and running! CIT’s help in the dining hall, help lead singing for Bear Camp, have some downtime (of course!), and then go on to skills or some big adventure. After a full day, the evenings are usually quieter times for game playing, reflection, and a good night’s sleep.


This year, the CIT’s will be able to participate in the Paladin Program.

CIT’s can serve, if they are already a Paladin, or they can work toward the rank and be promoted. We are excited about this change and anticipate that this will be good news for the Rockmont community. When the CIT’s are doing good work and having fun, the entire camp benefits!  


Another great thing about being a CIT is that they will be living in Grey Eagle Rockmont’s finest lodging!

CIT’s will have a kitchen, laundry facilities, a communal meeting space, an outdoor fire ring, and showers. CIT’s will be serving camp in many different ways, so it’s nice to return each night to a relaxing place to live. CIT’s will also be asked to care for the place in a way fitting of its grandeur.


Finally, CIT’s can earn Community Service Hours.

We know that it’s important for young people to serve their community, with the added bonus of it helping with college applications and future employment. We hope to serve many different organizations this summer as our health protocols allow!


Join us this summer for one of the most Fun and Important summers of your life.*


Dan Davis

Director of Camper and Family Development


* Check out the CIT session offerings at the bottom of our Dates and Rates page!

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