Celebrating Our Staff

Elias Longenecker July 20, 2023

Here at Rockmont, we strive to create an environment where every person can be their best selves, and that starts with our staff. Our summer team has the huge responsibility of carefully watching over and supporting hundreds of kids. We prioritize the health and happiness of our counselors so that they are able to be fully present with our campers. 

Our staff are able to excel because they feel valued, heard, and celebrated.

We are most intentional with our staff development during our Staff Programming events. As Staffing Director, I have the pleasure of organizing and facilitating these experiences. 

Our events range from Java and Jesus to Top Gun Movie Night. Java and Jesus is one of my personal favorite events to host. We get together every Wednesday morning to engage in spiritual discussions fueled by Dunkin’ Doughnuts and coffee. It is the perfect opportunity to push beyond surface-level conversations and grow closer together.


Another exciting addition to the staff programming has been our “life-time” presentations. We have hosted Camp Dads and other friends of Rockmont to provide insight on leadership, faith, and professionalism. Our presenters have included a Navy SEAL, a theology professor, and a PHD psychology student. 

These talks equip our staff with valuable tools that can be sharpened here at camp and implemented throughout their lives. 

We believe that being a camp counselor is more than just a fun summer job. Camp is a wonderful place to develop life skills, regardless of age. At Rockmont, our counselors are able to learn about planning and executing trips. We also teach the staff how to communicate effectively with their peers, their directors, and of course… their campers!

Our staff members leave Rockmont with refined leadership skills and a greater capacity for empathy. 

The energy and attitude of the staff shapes the experience of the campers as well. By pouring into our staff, we uplift our whole community.


Elias Longenecker

Staffing Director/Head of Mountain Camp

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