Celebrating Andrew and Stan!

The Rockmont Team September 2, 2022

We’re writing to celebrate 2 team members as they move into new opportunities!

Andrew Ginn has accepted a position with CampMinder – the leading software company in the residential summer camp industry! 

Andrew has a heart for people and a deep curiosity about life. We’re grateful for the ways in which he shared these gifts with all of our summer staff and campers throughout his six years with us. We’re excited to witness the ways he will bring these gifts to the CampMinder community!

Andrew, Sadie, Shepherd, Greta, and Arlo are going to be staying in the Asheville area. When you’re nearby, keep your eyes peeled, as you can often see Andrew running many miles through the hilly landscape.

Stan Wilson has been confirmed by his local church, Circle of Mercy, to join the Pastoral Team as their new Co-Pastor!

Stan left his previous post as Pastor of Northside Baptist in Clinton Mississippi to join us at Rockmont in the fall of 2017. For the last 5 years we have been blessed with Stan’s steady presence and thoughtful leadership, and he’s brought many of his pastoral gifts to the halls of the ship and the corners of Eden Hall.

Some highlights of the past 5 years include his Grime speeches during staff week, where he teaches staff the art and lifestyle of good sweeping, and his legacy in bringing many songs back into the Rockmont repertoire, like “Our Paddles Keen and Bright,” “She’ll be Coming around the Mountain,” “Woyaya,” and “Neither Death, Nor Life.”

We are excited for Stan and Andrew’s new adventures, and don’t be surprised if you see them in Rockmont Polos helping out on future Opening and Closing Days!



The Rockmont Team


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