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Roll, Pull, and Slide through Fear

At 10:30 on a Thursday morning, Lindsay returned to Kayaking for the second time. The first time went well, she had paddled around without the full setup. The full gear at Kayaking involves putting on a spray skirt to keep the water out of the boat from waves, splashes, and if you flip over. Lindsay […]

Brrring. Brrring. “Good afternoon. This is Camp Rockmont.”

Have you ever called the Rockmont office? If so, then you likely have had the distinct pleasure of speaking with Rebecca Becker, the Camp Registrar. With her joyful lilt, she is usually the one extending a warm greeting. For nearly nine years, Rebecca has faithfully served as an advocate for everyone in the Rockmont community. […]

Introducing the 2019 Camp Rockmont Tribal Directors

Each Tribe at Rockmont brings a unique energy and voice to the whole of camp. From the Buckeyes all the way up to the Sycamores at the top of the mountain, the growth journey takes shape in a fun and dynamic way. This happens because every camper, coming from wherever they are in life, brings […]

Father/Son Weekend Featured in Charlotte Parent Magazine

Since 2011 Camp Rockmont has hosted Father/Son Weekends for sons ages 6 to 16 and their fathers. We’ve also had some grandfathers join the fun! These have been very successful, with great fun and special moments that strengthen the bond between fathers and sons. Everyone has a blast just being at camp, however the real gift […]

Welcoming Natalie Morris as the 2019 Day Camp Director!

    For more than 60 years, Camp Rockmont has provided a quality residential program for boys from around the world. Since 2009 we have provided the same level of care and intentional youth development to both boys and girls in our own back yard through a day camp program. The Rockmont Day Camp incorporates […]

The Madness in our Method

Perhaps you have noticed that the outdoor stairs at Rockmont are not exactly straightforward. Hickory Hill is a great example of what has become an authentic Rockmont stairway style. The stairs on Hickory Hill are an adventure, meandering across and around the hill, reminding some of the Swiss Family Robinson and others of Hogwarts. Our […]

What is a Tribe?

There’s history in the name. There’s also belonging. Did you know that our Director, Dan Davis, was once a Seminole? Back in 1983, that’s what we called the Poplar tribe. Dan was a Counselor then and that’s the year he became “Singing Stream” in Council. Three summers later, he became Tribal Director for the Seminoles’ […]

Introducing the Rockmont Aquatic Ropes Course

  Get ready for an over-the-water adventure that could mean years of summer challenge and fun on the Rockmont Waterfront. This new aquatic ropes course at Camp Rockmont is under construction, and it will be complete by this summer! That’s when the adventures begin. The new aquatic ropes course will feature 8 over-the-water challenges, each […]

Man with a Head Like a Ping Pong Ball

We are excited to announce that Innova Disc Golf has designed another Rockmont Legend disc for us! This year’s Christmas gift is an Innova DX TeeBird featuring Man with a Head Like a Ping Pong Ball. All campers who are registered for an overnight camp session by Friday, December 14 will receive the disc. You’ll […]