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A Message from the Rockmont Team

Hello Rockmont Families!   We wanted to reach out and let everyone know that Mike Peckham has decided to step down as Camp Director at Rockmont. Mike began his distinguished service at Rockmont in 2009, working until 2015 when he decided to follow his training into the engineering field. We called him back in 2019, […]

Behind the Scenes, Part One: Self Confidence

How We Develop Rockmont’s Program in Pursuit of Five Critical Objectives for our Campers Part One: Self Confidence Parents tell us that in the days after their son has been to Rockmont he talks mostly about all the fun he’s had, the friends he’s made and the staff he’s gotten to know. But the number […]

Simple Pastimes Can Lead to Exciting Discoveries

One of my favorite things to do as a kid, was bike to the creek to explore. I’d spend hours there wading through the cold water, stacking rocks, sending paper boats to navigate the small currents, and looking for crawdads. I’d carefully turn over stones hoping to uncover these critters and I’d watch as they […]

A New Way of Seeing

For the blog this week, we wanted to do something a little different. Today, we’re looking forward to the summer more than ever before, and to celebrate that, let’s look back at one of the stories from 2018! All summer, we’ll be posting stories and moments just like this; even if you’re not here, you […]

The Good News in our Dinner Tables

Growing up, I ate with my family at the dinner table most nights. We called it the supper table. It was a sacred place. Set apart where we committed to coming back together each day to see one another and celebrate what God had brought into our lives. And with my wife’s family, we have […]

Breaking the Norm: How Rockmont Encourages Healthy Social Growth

As a twelve-year-old boy, I was not concerned with how kind I was to others. I was focused on my appearance, my shoes, and my seat in the lunchroom. I wanted to do everything I could to fit in. Life had taught me that in order to climb the social ladder, I had to fit […]

Roll, Pull, and Slide through Fear

At 10:30 on a Thursday morning, Lindsay returned to Kayaking for the second time. The first time went well, she had paddled around without the full setup. The full gear at Kayaking involves putting on a spray skirt to keep the water out of the boat from waves, splashes, and if you flip over. Lindsay […]

What is a Tribe?

There’s history in the name. There’s also belonging. Did you know that our Director, Dan Davis, was once a Seminole? Back in 1983, that’s what we called the Poplar tribe. Dan was a Counselor then and that’s the year he became “Singing Stream” in Council. Three summers later, he became Tribal Director for the Seminoles’ […]

Feed the Fire

Feed the fire​ is what I did, crouched in the low squat position, just inside the spacious Buckeye fireplace. Rain had fallen on and off most of the day. Faintly, I could hear water droplets hitting puddles behind the lodge, signaling it had started again. Laying another piece of dry wood on the fire and […]