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One Last Night Out

Yesterday, I took our Counselors in Training (or CITs) on their night off.  This night is meant to be a reward for their hard work throughout the session: A small thank you for all the meals they set up and the countless times they cleaned Eden Hall.  It’s also the last time that they are […]

What Brings Them Back

Every session, the most popular free swim spot changes. For most of the summer, campers have flocked to the new water wall, hoping to acquire the extremely rare water wall swim band. But in Classic 4, the “web” has reigned supreme.  The octagonal rope course sits on the left-hand corner of the waterfront. The goal […]

When a Chef Comes to Camp

Today, we welcomed Chef Jose Garces to camp.  He conducted the first part of a three-day “Chef Experience” for some of our CITs and Sycamore campers.  We’ve been planning this for some time as a trial, with support from Ballard Brands (owned by long-time Rockmonters!)  to see whether older campers might enjoy a Grilling Skill. […]

What Makes It Worth It

To me, working as an outdoor educator, director, counselor — or whatever the role may be — is always worth the lack of security and comfort of a conventional job.  Talking with a camper who is struggling to make friends makes it worth it. Taking time to engage with a homesick camper makes it worth […]

Don’t Hold Back

I have enormous respect for the young men who come to Rockmont and make their way at a new place.  In any generation, at any point in time, leaving one’s home to go out into the world independent of one’s family, routine, and comfort is a big deal.  For us, we know well the dozens […]

The Sound of Silence

“No one dare disturb the sound of silence…” — Paul Simon We live in the noisiest culture in human history.  And this noise isn’t limited to just audible noise:  It’s a total sensory overload.   On a typical day, our five senses have little to no silence, hardly ever getting a break from constant stimulation, distraction, […]

Making the Next Step

In 2021, after four years away from Camp Rockmont, I decided to come back. This time, however, I would not be returning as a camper. This time I was coming to camp as a counselor.  I had my apprehensions on whether I would like this change or not. Could I make an adjustment from camper […]

A Boisterous Noise

Some of my most vivid memories from my camper years was Evening Watch — a time once a week when the entire camp got together in the gym to sing and dance together.  I remember it being loud, exciting, and absolutely chock-full of energy. Quick sidenote: This is the first place I had ever heard […]

Growing Pains

My first experience at an overnight summer camp happened right after I graduated high school. I was 18 — old enough to serve in the military, old enough to vote, I was even old enough to move out on my own. By almost all accounts, I was an adult.  So five weeks at some summer […]