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Deep Into Camp

It takes a few days to get accustomed to life without screens, but when you do, the difference is noticeable.   You can feel it in yourself and see it in others.   Conversations happen at meals, with everyone at the table participating. The ability to focus and concentrate returns. Studies show that even the […]

Where’s Mountain Camp!?

I woke up to bright lights flashing, the morning bugle blowing, and ten Deer Campers excitedly screaming.   Eden Hall was rapidly filling for the breakfast rush, and they had won this morning’s round of “Where’s Mountain Camp?!”   On any given night, the Poplar Tribal Director (Bobby Hagan) and the Sycamore Tribal Director (yours […]

Good News

I love this place.   As I awoke this morning I tread lightly on my way past cabins with campers still snoozing, lest the crunch of gravel disturbs their slumber. Let them store a bit more energy to expend during our all-day skills.   To my surprise, there were no early risers fishing or practicing […]

River Banks

We have had an incredibly full first week of Classic 4.   Our campers have experienced so much. We’ve camped in the woods up on our mountain and even encountered some local wildlife. We’ve had free swims with all the toys and activities on the waterfront open for them to enjoy, we’ve started the qualifying […]

Be Patient and Have Courage!

Deer Camp spent this past Thursday night camping. On the property, we have five individual adirondack shelters that serve as fantastic campsites. While on the camp out, the cabins enjoyed hot dogs, chips, and of course s’mores! We believe in camping at Rockmont, and I invite you to read Andrew Ginn’s blog “The Case for […]

Wonderful Lessons

Fishing is a big part of life at Rockmont for many campers! Every morning before breakfast, committed anglers of all ages roll out of bed and head to the deck of Eden Hall to fish. Some bring a full tackle box from home, others have a few hooks and bobbers. Some veterans come primed for […]

What We Can Control

Each 2-week session, I work to get Bear Camp (our 6 to 10-year-old age group) exclusive time on the waterfront as soon as possible. This opportunity comes about every first Tuesday. Campers have settled into their cabin communities, gotten a feel for the camp property, visited each of their skills at least once, and are […]

Fun Plus

At Rockmont one of the ways we spell fun is F.U.N.N! (F.U.N.N. = Functional Understanding Not Necessary) This definition has been lived out the first four days of camp as the campers run, jump, play, and laugh!  After a summer without camp, it has been wonderful to hear the laughter of campers ring through Rockmont […]


How do you respond to interruptions? Are you frustrated and quick tempered, confused and overwhelmed, or patient and kind?   In our carefully insulated lives it is easy to believe we can manufacture out any interruptions with enough planning and attention to detail. Yet this could never be the case.   In fact to live […]