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Home Away From Home

“All my bags are packed, I’m NOT ready to go” – John Denver Today marks the last full day of the first classic session of the summer, and it’s hard to believe that many campers stepped onto Camp Rockmont property for the first time just 12 days ago.  They were probably a little intimidated or […]

The Boys’ Night Out

With just a few days left, everyone at Rockmont can feel the end of the session quickly approaching.  While the campers, in most cases, have many more years of camp to look forward to, the CITs (counselors in training) know in many ways this is the end of a long journey at Rockmont, and possibly, […]

Are We Making an Impact?

As I keep an eye on how things are going around camp each day, I’m looking to see how we’re fulfilling our mission of growth. Namely, are our campers growing in self confidence, independence, leadership ability and character? In short, the answer is a resounding yes!  Examples abound, at all times of the day and […]

A Day on the Green

Today, Camp Rockmont took to the lower Green River to experience the beauty and power of whitewater.  This relatively tame class I and II section offered kayakers a chance to hone their skills like ferrying, eddy catching, peeling out, and rolling. These skills require dedication, hard work, and attention to detail to master. It’s about moving […]

A Foundation for the Dawn

Every morning light creeps over the mountains and up into the sky, and the sun warms the misty morning over camp. The dawn fills the clouds with life, and hues of pink, orange and red thunder dusk into day.  While most are still enjoying their last few hours of sleep, some campers tiptoe out of […]

A Blissful Balance of Safety and Chaos

Five o’clock in the afternoon is a sacred time at Camp Rockmont.  In my opinion, it’s the start to the best hour of the day. An hour to run, play, scream, and laugh in whatever fashion a camper desires — a time known at Rockmont as free swim.  As soon as the bugle blows an […]

Young, Wild, and Free

Last night we had our first all-camp campout of the summer. Other groups like our base campers have taken some campout trips here and there, but this was our first night where every camper at Rockmont got to spend a night out in the woods.   Everybody had a blast on their campout, and the energy […]

The Art of Blacksmithing

Blacksmithing is the ancient art of having mastery over metal.  This is one of the more popular skills at Rockmont. Skills here at camp are a quintessential part of being at camp, and they are activities the campers get to choose to learn and gain new experiences from. My favorite skill has always been blacksmithing, […]

Creating Fun along the Way

Days at camp are full of programmed times: skills, morning watches, tribal activities, good meals, evening activities, free swims, and devotions. They are PACKED to say the least, and I certainly sleep well in the evenings.  Many of the questions I ask Bear Campers throughout the day are absolutely related to these activities: What’s your […]