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442 Hours Screen Free

442 Hours Screen Free   According to my quick rough math, from the time that our June campers were dropped off almost 3 weeks ago on June 2nd, they have lived life without any type of screen time for 442 consecutive hours. For our Two Week 1 campers who arrived on June 9th, we are […]

Perseverance Beyond the Mountains

For many campers, returning to Rockmont is always a fresh and exciting experience.    Even for me as a former counselor, I remember the feeling of coming back to camp and feeling like I was home.  Every camper experiences the same anticipation, hopefulness, and excitement all rolled up into one as they drive up to […]

The Extra Mile

The Extra Mile   In this final week of the June session and first two-week session, campers are fully involved in their activities and tribes. All four adventure skills are currently enjoying overnight trips around the Southeast.   Our climbers are out in Hidden Valley, Virginia to enjoy some of the best crags in the […]

Monday Monday Monday

Monday Monday Monday   For most people, Mondays signify the end of a fun-filled weekend and the beginning of a work or school week. But at Rockmont, Mondays are anything but mundane. They’re actually one of the most exciting days of the week!   Why, you might ask? Because Mondays are all skills days! Our […]

Echoes of Belonging

Echoes of Belonging   With the first week of the session winding down, the camp is buzzing with the infectious excitement, joy, and energy radiating from the children.    It’s heartwarming to witness the bonds strengthening between staff and campers in every corner. Whether it’s the first encounter or a reunion, time holds no sway […]

The Call to Adventure

The Call to Adventure The call to adventure is a trope we all are deeply familiar with by virtue of heroes like Frodo and Luke Skywalker.  However, rarely do we encounter calls to step into the unknown and the wild in our everyday, regimented lives.  Nestled in the Swannanoa River Valley, Camp Rockmont stands as […]

Sliding Into Bravery

Sliding Into Bravery Last week, our three-week “June Camp” session took a special off-camp trip to Sliding Rock in Pisgah National Forest.  Sliding Rock is a gradual 60-foot natural water slide nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It’s a staple to the area, an all-time camp favorite, and one of my personal […]

Cultivating Courage

Cultivating Courage   Camp Rockmont is a place young men come to learn and grow into leaders.    Through skills, tribal games, and campouts, they are able to figure out what kind of man they want to be. Through this journey they often face the challenge of embracing their fears and being courageous.    As […]

How Can You Let Go?

How Can You Let Go?   The first Wednesday of the session has brought a very WACKY presence to camp.    Campers of all ages arrived for breakfast in various pieces of attire. Some of these included unicorn onesies, Mario and Luigi outfits, and even a few banana costumes showing out—all in hopes of winning […]