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Our 68th Summer Begins! Welcome Home.

Summer Camp Begins Again! It is a great day when our staff training comes to fruition and the campers arrive at camp again!  We’ve had June 4th on our minds for the past 303 days – when we said “see you soon” to our final campers of 2022. The past two weeks have been full […]

It’s Always Worth It

I write this blog post from the flight cabin of a Delta flight to Pittsburgh. As I look out the window, I see the Blue Ridge Mountains through a new lens, the lens of spring. Lightly dusted by the crisp morning frost and void of any foliage, I can see the barebones of these mighty […]

Finding Joy in Mexico 

 If you have followed our blog and social media over the past month, you have probably heard about our staff trip to Mexico back in December. Along with our Program Director, Justin Bennett, I led a group of counselors from this past summer. We spent our first week in Mexico City serving at a home […]

How Being on Staff Impacted my Life

I arrived at Rockmont for the first time in 1999 at the age of 8, to raucous applause from the counselors outside the Cheyenne lodge.  But to be honest, I don’t remember that – I’ve had my parents fill in various details in my memories from this time period. I remember being nervous, really nervous. […]

Why we’re taking our staff to Mexico in December.

Why We’re Taking Rockmont Staff to Mexico in December Follow the adventure on: Facebook & Instagram This upcoming Saturday, myself, our program director Justin Bennett, and 10 Rockmont staff members from this past summer will board a flight to Mexico City for two weeks filled with adventure and mission.  We will be spending our first […]

One Last Night Out

Yesterday, I took our Counselors in Training (or CITs) on their night off.  This night is meant to be a reward for their hard work throughout the session: A small thank you for all the meals they set up and the countless times they cleaned Eden Hall.  It’s also the last time that they are […]

What Brings Them Back

Every session, the most popular free swim spot changes. For most of the summer, campers have flocked to the new water wall, hoping to acquire the extremely rare water wall swim band. But in Classic 4, the “web” has reigned supreme.  The octagonal rope course sits on the left-hand corner of the waterfront. The goal […]

When a Chef Comes to Camp

Today, we welcomed Chef Jose Garces to camp.  He conducted the first part of a three-day “Chef Experience” for some of our CITs and Sycamore campers.  We’ve been planning this for some time as a trial, with support from Ballard Brands (owned by long-time Rockmonters!)  to see whether older campers might enjoy a Grilling Skill. […]

What Makes It Worth It

To me, working as an outdoor educator, director, counselor — or whatever the role may be — is always worth the lack of security and comfort of a conventional job.  Talking with a camper who is struggling to make friends makes it worth it. Taking time to engage with a homesick camper makes it worth […]