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This morning before the day began, I walked with my dog Chipper up to Inspiration Point. Actually, I walked, while Chipper ran, jumped, and soared through the woods, chasing scents, and barking squirrels up trees. Chipper leaps into every morning with contagious joy. He’s just happy to be alive.  When I reached Inspiration Point, I […]

Your Son Will Thrive at Rockmont

Here’s why…   It begins with Fun. Rockmont is a place for boys to be boys, with room to roam, mountains to climb, and numerous opportunities for adventure! We love to see the excitement in a boy’s eyes when he looks out over Rockmont’s waterfront and realizes the adventure he can have. The table is set […]

Fully Connected

In this article I’ll be referencing our cabin & program staff’s Fully Connected policy, which you can read about here. These last two days at camp have been a lot of fun. I’ve played disc golf with Luke and Davis from cabin 6, and watched campers play Star Wars – traveling to the planets Dantooine, […]