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A Brand New Poplar Showerhouse

Three GREAT things you get at camp that you might not expect: Eating when you’re good and hungry, showering when you’re good and dirty from playing hard, and sleeping when you’re good and tired.   This year a new ownership team, representing over 80 Rockmont alumni, has brought enormous energy and enthusiasm and made significant […]

Moving Dirt & Raising Walls

Check out these updates on our 2020 Projects!   Mountain Bike Workshop & Bike Barn Minutes before raising the first rafters   The view from the Pump Track!   The Rafters in Place   We can’t wait for you to experience everything new for yourself!

The Madness in our Method

Perhaps you have noticed that the outdoor stairs at Rockmont are not exactly straightforward. Hickory Hill is a great example of what has become an authentic Rockmont stairway style. The stairs on Hickory Hill are an adventure, meandering across and around the hill, reminding some of the Swiss Family Robinson and others of Hogwarts. Our […]