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Celebrating Andrew and Stan!

We’re writing to celebrate 2 team members as they move into new opportunities! Andrew Ginn has accepted a position with CampMinder – the leading software company in the residential summer camp industry!  Andrew has a heart for people and a deep curiosity about life. We’re grateful for the ways in which he shared these gifts […]

How We Choose Counselors for Each Age Group

There are many wonderful nuances during a camper’s developmental journey, and they all bring their own unique gifts and challenges. From how we play games at 8 years old compared to 13 years old, to how the gospel story in each nightly devotion is characterized and understood in each cabin, at Rockmont we work to […]

Meet the 2021 Mountain Camp Director!

Last, but certainly not least… The 2021 Mountain Camp Director is John Crouse VII!       Before we dive into the questions and answers, let’s go over some Rockmont Statistics: This will be John’s 15th summer at Rockmont, his favorite cabin is Cabin 36, and his favorite meal in the dining hall is any meal […]

Meet the 2021 Deer Camp Director!

You know him, you love him… The 2021 Deer Camp Director is Will Campbell!       Rockmont Statistics: This will be Will’s 11th summer at Rockmont, his favorite cabin is Cabin 22, & his favorite meal in the dining hall is chicken fingers and mac n’ cheese day. Read on to learn more about […]

Meet the 2021 Bear Camp Director!

Drum roll please… 2021’s Bear Camp Director is Daniel Weatherby! In the video, Daniel explains why and how Bear Camp is going to be an exciting place this summer. And in the interview below, you’ll get a more in-depth look at who Daniel is!       We’ll start off with some Rockmont statistics:  Daniel […]

An Ode to Murph

  Michael Murphy goes by many names around Camp Rockmont. He answers to Murph, Michael, Murph Murphington, and many more variations!  Since 2015, he has played the roles of counselor, tribal director, CCC director, Climbing Director, Mountain Camp Director, and year-round intern. He is a friend, a leader, an outdoorsman, a rock climbing guru, and […]

Wait, is that Potato Knob?

A blog for camping professionals involved in the North Carolina Youth Camp Association. and now you! On a recent walk from lower camp to the Roundhouse (our summer office), I granted myself a few beats to pause and take in the breeze and a leaf falling to the ground. As I looked back up towards […]

Brrring. Brrring. “Good afternoon. This is Camp Rockmont.”

Have you ever called the Rockmont office? If so, then you likely have had the distinct pleasure of speaking with Rebecca Becker, the Camp Registrar. With her joyful lilt, she is usually the one extending a warm greeting. For nearly nine years, Rebecca has faithfully served as an advocate for everyone in the Rockmont community. […]

3 Important Lessons from 12 Different Jobs

My first job wasn’t really an actual profession. I just worked for a man named Andy Molatch as his “go-getter” guy. In other words, I just got him whatever tool or material he needed while he worked. This first job began a journey of work and life experience that has been really important. Since then, […]