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How to Choose Skills – and Frequently Asked Questions!

When I was a camper my year was based on the Rockmont calendar!  The anticipation for the next summer started as I left the rows of pines on Lake Eden Road. The first milestone to look forward to was the Fall Newsletter. That would hold me until Christmas, when the early enrollment gift would arrive […]

The 2021 CIT Program

The CIT program has a BIG Vision for this summer!     If you are 16-17 years old, and want to have a blast while forming great friendships and helping others… then this is the program for you! The classic definition of CIT, in the camping industry, is Counselor In Training. Most camps have a […]

Let’s Get Jamming in 2021!

Music is a big part of camp! We sing. A lot. This year, however, it’ll look (and likely sound) a bit different. We’re still planning to sing, but only outside with lots of distance between us. And that’s okay! We’re continuing to learn ways to adapt and adjust for the times, and to do so […]

Conversations about Cliffs: Hiking Safely around the Vertical

The fall in western North Carolina is awesome because the weather is typically perfect and it is cool enough to hike for hours without getting too hot. It’s a lovely time when the leaves change and we suddenly get bathed in a beautiful blanket of oranges, yellows, and reds. Encouraged by the lack of heat, we […]

Group Game Facilitation

Picture this… 200+ high schoolers, 2 hours, 20 orange cones, a soccer field, and… You. Summer Camps run on fun, and there’s not much that is more exciting than giant camp-wide games! These games afford opportunities for campers to explore the property, run with friends, crawl through trees and mud, and form bonds of camaraderie […]

Sancho – Guardian of the Goats

From the moment he first set hoof on homesteading, Sancho knew he had 1 main job to do.  “Protect the goats.” He could still hear his father’s voice in his head from when he was a young foal. His father used to play with him on the farm where he grew up, reminding him that […]

New at Rockmont in 2020

Rockmont is making significant enhancements in 2020!  After multiple conversations with families, campers, and staff that helped us learn more about the activities and opportunities that are motivating our campers and driving our mission, we decided that it was time for Rockmont to invest in our facility, our program, and our staff. We offer this […]

Rockmont Adds Program Director!

Rockmont is on the move!  If you’ve been keeping up with our recent news you probably noticed our announcement about New Calls to Adventure for Stan and Dan within Rockmont, and the return of Mike Peckham as Rockmont’s Summer Camp Director. (If this is news to you, you can read all about it here) With […]

Welcome Home, 2019

It’s not uncommon to have nerves leading up to any Camp Experience – anxious and excited ones. If you speak to any year-round Director at Rockmont, they’ll likely give you an example of how they experience the unknown of an upcoming Summer each May. What’s really cool is, these feelings are something we all have […]