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Moving Dirt & Raising Walls

Check out these updates on our 2020 Projects!   Mountain Bike Workshop & Bike Barn Minutes before raising the first rafters   The view from the Pump Track!   The Rafters in Place   We can’t wait for you to experience everything new for yourself!

Sancho – Guardian of the Goats

From the moment he first set hoof on homesteading, Sancho knew he had 1 main job to do.  “Protect the goats.” He could still hear his father’s voice in his head from when he was a young foal. His father used to play with him on the farm where he grew up, reminding him that […]

New at Rockmont in 2020

Rockmont is making significant enhancements in 2020!  After multiple conversations with families, campers, and staff that helped us learn more about the activities and opportunities that are motivating our campers and driving our mission, we decided that it was time for Rockmont to invest in our facility, our program, and our staff. We offer this […]

Rockmont Adds Program Director!

Rockmont is on the move!  If you’ve been keeping up with our recent news you probably noticed our announcement about New Calls to Adventure for Stan and Dan within Rockmont, and the return of Mike Peckham as Rockmont’s Summer Camp Director. (If this is news to you, you can read all about it here) With […]

Welcome Home, 2019

It’s not uncommon to have nerves leading up to any Camp Experience – anxious and excited ones. If you speak to any year-round Director at Rockmont, they’ll likely give you an example of how they experience the unknown of an upcoming Summer each May. What’s really cool is, these feelings are something we all have […]

Rockmont’s Photography Director – Emily Beaver!

Our next Program Director for Rockmont’s Summer 2019 has worked throughout camp most of her life. Introducing the Woman Behind the Camera, and Rockmont’s 2019 Photography Director, Emily Beaver! Emily’s history at Rockmont began over a decade ago! Joining her parents Mike and Kristy (both Skill Heads), she quickly became a part of the Rockmont […]

The Rockmont Watershed Vision

Who is My Neighbor? At Rockmont, stewardship is central to our belief that human beings are created by the same God who created the entire universe and everything in it. “To till and keep” the Garden is the responsibility of the Christian steward. Stan Wilson, our Associate Director, leads our environmental initiatives and recently took […]

Rockmont’s 2019 Service & Leadership Corps Directors

We’re very excited to let you in on some huge news coming out of Grey Eagle Lodge. Rockmont’s Service & Leadership Corps will have a Director and a Guide, each with tons of Camp credibility. They’re fit to ensure the experience is both incredibly fun and deeply impactful. With over 25 years of Rockmont Experience […]

Soccer Golf is Now at Rockmont!

We’ve wrapped up construction on another new facet of our program at Rockmont, and you’re going to love it. Introducing Soccer Golf! You may already be familiar with this new way to golf, or you may be like our fine year-round personnel who had yet to hear of the sport! We’ll let you in on […]