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3 Important Lessons from 12 Different Jobs

My first job wasn’t really an actual profession. I just worked for a man named Andy Molatch as his “go-getter” guy. In other words, I just got him whatever tool or material he needed while he worked. This first job began a journey of work and life experience that has been really important. Since then, […]

Staying “Awake” During Social Distancing

We are collectively in uncharted territory. The rhythms that many of us knew from a few weeks ago have now changed because of Coronavirus. Many of you have moved back home for the semester and it can be challenging to find your new rhythm, especially when the situation is very new and unexpected. Losing focus […]

Moving Dirt & Raising Walls

Check out these updates on our 2020 Projects!   Mountain Bike Workshop & Bike Barn Minutes before raising the first rafters   The view from the Pump Track!   The Rafters in Place   We can’t wait for you to experience everything new for yourself!

Why We Hire An International Staff (And Travel to do So)

Rockmont has a vibrant history of hiring staff from all over the world. We’ve had staff from Mexico, Ireland, England, Colombia, Hungary, Russia, and, of course, the United States, to name a few. They have worked in every aspect of camp: Counselor, Kitchen Staff, Horseback, Camping & Climbing Crew, Lifeguard, many many others. Core to […]

What I Looked for When I Hired – “The Rockmont Way”

While serving as the Chief Operating Officer and then President of a global software company for many years, I had the opportunity to recruit and hire lots of exceptionally talented people for roles as developers, product managers, project managers and account executives. For many it was their first job in their post-college career. What did […]

A Christmas Message from an Unlikely Source

One of my favorite Christmas movies is Home Alone.  I know… it’s not exactly the best “meaning of christmas” message on the surface; it’s common themes are more easily observed as the dangers of:  Substandard backup alarm systems Incorrect headcount procedures Weather-unprepared transit infrastructure The lack of a plan B when dealing with incompentent criminals […]

Do Your Internship at Rockmont. It’s a Good Idea.

Josiah Finley, 2019 Birch Tribal Director In 2018 I needed a summer internship as part of the requirements for my Religion Minor at (the) Appalachian State University. I also knew that I had missed Rockmont like crazy in 2017 when I made the decision to not come back, and instead do an internship in Raleigh […]

I’ve Graduated. Now What?

Graduation is a great release, a freeing opportunity. You’ve worked hard (probably) and you want to know what’s next. The Job Hunt The job hunt is intimidating and can leave you exhausted. Unfortunately, those first few months after graduation come with the realization that your degree does not always automatically propel you into the work […]

How Working at a Summer Camp Empowers Your Career

  College is a time of discovering new ideas, interests, hobbies, friendships, and ways to move forward in the world. At the same time, there is also considerable pressure to find the most specialized options for advancing your skillset, leadership skills, resume and, ultimately, your career. But what if you could work towards career growth […]