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A Sweet Saturday

Saturdays at Rockmont are something special. After allowing campers to sleep a little later, our breakfast consists of the normal staples – scrambled eggs, bagels, sausage, cut fruit, and something unique to Saturdays – sweet cereal.  Our regular hearty cereals quietly disappear for one day and are replaced with the highly sought-after Lucky Charms, Golden […]

“Not Because They Are Easy…”

We shot off a Rocket last night from the Dive/Blob Tower, directly after dinner – Because that’s what our community is all about.  As many of you know, yesterday marked the 50th anniversary of the launch of the Apollo 11 mission. 3 men, equipped with bravery (some have said a touch of adventurous stupidity) climbed […]

A Challenge by Choice

Early this Wednesday morning, a group of Deer Campers set out on an adventure many of them had never tried before.  At the summit of Rockmont’s property lies Eden Rock. For decades, campers and counselors have taken on the challenge of hiking to this summit. The hike is steep, requiring campers and staff to stay […]

The Place to Try New Things (and Try Them Again)

We want our kids to be resilient. We want them to be able to meet tough times and stand up strong. We want our kids to know how and when to ask for help from those they trust. As a teacher and Camp Director, I hear these desires of parents every day. As a parent […]

Sundays at Rockmont!

Sundays are different from any other day at Rockmont. It is a relaxed, restorative celebration of the week. It begins with a late sleep, a big slow breakfast, and worship. It ends with Council, a time of singing, games, stories, reflection, and recognition in the woods around a fire. Sundays at Rockmont are really different […]

On Time

My wife Sadie and I live in the RockHouse, situated right in the heart of camp, by Eden Hall and the Bear Camp Lodges. Early in the morning as I read or work before breakfast, I begin to see the courageous early risers walk down the steps of Buckeye Lodge and wander out into the […]

Enough Time to Take the Long Way Around

“Room to Roam.” These words were some of the first to draw me in during the early years of my camp experience. Though I didn’t think of myself as an exceptionally adventurous child, I knew I needed access to acreage to come alive. And Rockmont is where I found it. We almost have 2 full […]

An Early Morning Rockmont Masterpiece

Most days, the early morning light calls dozens of eager campers out of their cabins well before reveille. They’re welcome to head a few different directions on camp before breakfast: We have campers competing in the Thunder Ball arena, shooting hoops in the Brookside Gym, tossing discs on the Disc Golf Course, chasing geese off […]

Play, Organized and Not-So-Organized

There is a stream behind the Ship that is a favorite spot for play, especially during Starter and Adventure weeks. It’s the perfect spot to wade and build dams, and it is constantly full of campers. Some cabins come here when it’s their cabin’s time to build a dam. Many campers wind up here when […]