And We’re Off! Camp Has Officially Begun!

Daniel Weatherby June 11, 2019

And we’re off! Yesterday was Rockmont’s Opening Day, and Classic 1 began in a big way! Campers from 16 States arrived at Rockmont, moved into their cabins, and began to create the community we’ve been looking forward to for months. If you took part in yesterday’s move-in process, you’d likely say next – and it rained!

Oh, it rained. Lots. And I think we’re better for it.

If you want to witness the character and readiness of a community, throw in an element that wasn’t in the original plan. Wet conditions can make logistics a bit more complicated – especially when you’re moving, and what we witnessed yesterday was flexibility from the campers and families, generosity of our Staff, and lots of laughter. 

Bear Camp

began their Session with a Live-Action game of FortNite – a Battle Royale, Shirt-Tail-Tag game! After dinner the Birches were off to the Dam for many rounds of Capture-the-Flag. The Buckeyes discovered Rockmont’s grounds and their Skill locations with an incredibly fun Scavenger Hunt. (If your son is a Buckeye, ask him how to hide from passersby by imitating a fence-post).

In Deer Camp, 

we hit the ground running at 1pm with Cabin Introductions. As I sat on the porch of the Grove planning the evening’s Council, I could hear excited chatter of icebreaker games to my right (Hickory Hill) and left (Hemlock Hill). Deer Camp then went to do a swim test, and it was off to the long, skinny piece of land by the Dam for Gladiator (another Capture-the-flag game)! Rain didn’t deter; it may’ve been the catalyst of even more energy in the event. 

Mountain Camp 

started the session off with The Hunger Games – a HUGE shirt-tail tag game, up at Inspiration Point. They then moved to their Swim Test and onto dinner – chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, and Ice Cream Sandwiches. After dinner, Mountain Camp was joined by Deer Camp for the first joint-Council in many years. It was an incredibly special way to welcome the Session and Summer ahead.

What I’ve been impressed by most over the past two days has been the many times I’ve witnessed campers help one-another. Camp is a big place, and it can be easy to get turned around if you don’t quite know where your Skill location is. During the first few days, the Directors walk all over Camp to ensure everyone knows where they’re going. Today I paused for a minute to look around and noticed: the helpful questions were being asked all around me, by campers.

What Skill do you have? Do you know how to get there?

How was Basketball? Are you heading towards Archery?

Where’s Horseback Riding Meet?

Oh, I’ll Walk You There!

Last night’s Cabin Devotion was out of Luke 15

The Parable of the Lost Sheep and the Lost Coin.

In the story, Jesus begins to draw a crowd of “tax collectors and sinners”. Critical of the following, the Pharisees close by muttered, “This man welcomes sinners and eats with them.”

Jesus responds with 2 Stories: One of a Shepherd who leaves 99 sheep in search of 1 that has gone missing, and one of a woman who searches her entire house with a lamp for 1 coin she’s lost.

As cabins, we ask 2 questions after each devotion:

Where do you connect with the story?

What’s the Good News?

We’ve seen incredible evidence of where our Classic 1 Rockmonters have connected with the Story. From mealtimes to skill travel, activities to quieter times like rest period and devotion, campers have shown up ready to build towards a blessed community. That’s Good News!


Daniel Weatherby

Deer Camp Director



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