Braveheart, Battle Ball, and the Warrior Within

Shawn Marler June 16, 2017

If you could listen-in on some of the conversations around meal times at camp, you would hear campers excitedly recounting the highlights of their most recent epics. We call them tribal activities (i.e. large group games), but to the campers, they are epics. Grand stories of competition, strategy, team work, successes, and even some failures, too.

These tribal activities have epic names as well – “Braveheart,” “Outbreak,” Battle Ball,” “Powerball,” and “Risk.” All of these games were played today here at Rockmont. These are the adventures that campers will remember and be eager to tell you about on the drive home or around the dinner table after camp. They provide opportunities for campers to enter a bigger story, to engage their imagination, and to play hard.

Tribal activities are also an opportunity to develop the warrior within. And that has a deeper meaning in our context of male development. When we’re developing the warrior, we’re cultivating life-giving traits in our campers. We’re talking about passion, drive, commitment, the ability to win and to lose graciously, to play with heart, and to keep growing. It’s a counter-culture message of what it means to use your power and energy for good in the world.

Even off the field, the warrior within appears in captivating ways. It’s the camper helping his cabinmate make a bed. It’s the veteran camper inviting a new friend to be his buddy on the waterfront. The timid camper taking his first step off the high dive. A young man sharing his heart during cabin devotion. Another helping his cabinmate navigate some homesickness. The warrior takes myriad forms.

After a morning of skills and an afternoon full of tribal activities, we gathered around our Scripture story from Luke 21, “The Widow’s Offering.” There are few things more incredible to see than a group of campers intently looking to the Scriptures for guidance. There’s a humility to the true warrior. He is willing to be led by the Spirit, to be shaped by the story of Scripture.

Our hope is to return to you – in just over a week from now – a young man who is beginning to develop the warrior within. A young man who is learning how to use his power to bring life to his family, friends, and community.


Shawn Marler

Tonight’s Scripture: Luke 21:1-4
Story: The Widow’s Offering
+ Where do you see yourself in the story?
+ What’s the good news?

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