Big Things to Come

Shawn Marler July 10, 2014

The night before the last full day of the session… big things are about to happen.

Bear campers are falling asleep to the sounds of rain on the Lodge roof, thinking about the game of Star Wars and the Slip and Slide they just did. Deer campers are headed up to cabins to get rest after their campouts and before tomorrow’s skills and activities. Mountain campers are finishing up their game of Ninjas of the Ring and are ready for the final Fireside.

Tomorrow is a big day, and that makes today a big day. Remember the day before a big trip? Or big adventure?

That day-before is filled with making plans and last minute prep work. At camp that last big day is spent trying to cram in as many activities during free swim as you can. As much gullying, ziplining, disc golfing, card games, cabin activities and blobbing as you can get. That way the last full day can be spent doing all of it again!

And that right there is the best part of all. No matter how many free swims we have, there is always more to do. No matter how well you know your cabin, you can always get to know them better.

For the Summit Campers, big things are about to happen indeed! While the Classic Campers prepare to go home, the Summit campers are gearing up to go out. Tomorrow is the first day of the three day foray into the wilderness: Blacksmithing, Fly Fishing, Mountain Biking, and Climbing.

All over camp, we head to bed with the same thought… big things are about to happen.

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