Best Summer Ever

Daniel Weatherby August 12, 2021

…. Seemed to be what I would say following each session I attended as a camper.


There were always emblems of growth and progression at camp – new skills offered, new challenges attempted, more expansive activities, new friends made, etc. 

And as a staff member, it has been similar.


As we look at the close of the 2021 season, I sense it: this has been the Best Summer Ever.


As the Bear Camp Director, I’ve been lucky to be able to witness over 400 campers come through the lodges. Some jumped into camp immediately, and for others, the experience of being away from home presented a challenge – I love the space that challenge occupies, because I know the space that challenge occupies quite well. 

We played new games, added unique elements to Bear Camp Council, embarked on incredible campouts, moved fast, slowed down; and we did all of this together as a Bear Camp community.


In the greater camp community we embarked on many new adventures: a new evening watch location, an added Talent Show to the Classic Camp schedule, many new campsites, and countless new cabin adventures.

This summer has been challenging, no doubt.


Every family has helped share the load through the 8-Day Health Monitoring Form, 7 Covid-specific pre-summer reminder emails, PCR testing, and a new way to do Opening Day. 


Families, our amazing staff, and the full-time team got to experience these challenges together, bring forth creative solutions, and through it, forge deeper camaraderie.


And Starter 2 has been THE session to end on.


(I’m biased because it’s basically just Bear Camp at Camp!)

And goodness, we’ve made the most of it. 


As a capstone to the experience we flipped the schedule around today (our last full day) to maximize our time allotted on the waterfront for Free Swim. When this idea was in formation, I approached Laura, our Waterfront Director, to ask if this was possible. 

She said, “OF COURSE!”


The gratitude I feel for 2021 is an Of Course sense of gratitude.


When we asked our families to participate in new protocols they said, Of Course.

When we were met with challenges that required us to lean into different areas of work, members of our team would say, Of Course.

Was this summer the most challenging summer in recent memory, Of Course.

Was it full of fun, adventure, and laughs, Of Course.


Was it the best summer ever? Of Course.


And I look forward to a somehow even greater 2022. 


Daniel Weatherby

Bear Camp Director

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    That’s our Liam on the zip line – living his best life! We are so grateful to the entire Rockmont community for making this summer happen at all. It really was the Best Summer Ever. See you in 2022!

    Our son had an absolute blast in Bear Camp. What an awesome reflection on the Summer. Thank you for all that went in to making it a safe Summer but one also full of adventure and growth for all the young men and boys who called Rockmont home these past months. You rock dude!

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