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Scarlett Favro October 25, 2023

I first heard about Camp Rockmont while manning a booth at the UGA career fair. I was promoting the company I was working for at the time, and coincidentally, Rockmont’s table was set up right next to mine. That’s where I met Elias and Justin. True to form, they were unbelievably friendly, so much so that I listened to their entire pitch on working at Rockmont. 

Growing up, I never went to summer camp; I found the idea a little silly. However, as I got older I became envious of my friends who had camp experiences. I felt like I missed out on a quintessential American adventure, and working at Camp Rockmont provided me with the chance to have those meaningful moments.

When I met Justin and Elias, I was going through a challenging period in my life. I was on a gap year after high school, stuck in a job I despised, working for a company that treated me poorly. I was wildly unfulfilled and just felt so lost. When they explained Rockmont to me, emphasizing the incredible array of skills offered, the beautiful natural landscape, and the role/impact of staff, I was intrigued. 

I saw an opportunity to engage in meaningful work but to also be a part of a community that genuinely cared and was driven by a strong internal message of positivity and togetherness. 

Ultimately, the decision to apply was not a hard one to make. 

Arriving at camp for the first time during staff week honestly was a little intimidating. 

Having never gone to a summer camp before, I had no idea what to expect – the people, the daily schedule, what clothes to wear, I knew nothing. I was also concerned because I was a female walking into the environment of an all boys camp and I truly had no idea how and where I would fit in, but when I stepped out of my car and walked into the office, I felt overwhelmingly welcomed. 

Staff training week was a really great experience – It gave me a chance to see that there were other people struggling with the same fears I was. I think it was really important for the staff to go through all the camp traditions and learn all of the fun nuances of the community together. 

My experience at camp was life changing. 

The work I did was incredibly fulfilling; I had never worked with children in the capacity I did at camp, but I loved it. Children, especially young boys, have an innate confidence and you can really learn a lot from, just watching them experience life. 

I left camp with a newfound confidence in myself and a significantly more positive outlook on life. I also formed so many wonderful connections I hope to hold onto for the rest of my life. 


Working at Camp Rockmont turned out to be an unexpected and unforgettable experience.


Scarlett Favro

A 2023 (and 2024) Summer Staff Member

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