Stan Wilson July 12, 2021

Cabin 44 is a Summit Camp cabin. That means they are here for four weeks. These are also our oldest campers, and most of them have known each other for years – except one camper who is new to camp.


And you can tell that something is going very well, when you see that cabin forming into a new group that includes everyone, instead of an old group trying to relive the past.


This is a rare and beautiful thing: old friends who haven’t seen each other for two years, have gathered back together for one final reunion. You might expect them to be so busy telling stories about the good old days that they don’t even notice the new guy. But this friendship doesn’t seem to be built on nostalgia.


It seems to be built on something that everyone can share – and anyone who is ready to join the fun is welcome.  


Tonight, the Bear Campers went to their first Council. They were welcomed into a circle of stories and traditions that make them full Rockmont campers. They will walk down the mountain changed, however imperceptibly, by that experience. I dismissed them from dinner early, so they would have time to get ready and get up the mountain. I also let them go without putting their chairs on the table (which is a slow process for Bear Campers), so I asked the Mountain Campers to come take care of the Bear Camp tables, and they jumped up immediately.


I watched them making a way for their younger brothers. It was a beautiful sight.


It was a beautiful evening for Deer Camp and Mountain Camp free swim.  Humidity was low, the air was clear, and that made the colors and contrasts brilliant. Our Waterfront Director, Laura Vasey, said it was the best free swim she’s ever led – everyone was so happy to be out there, and I wonder: would I have noticed the beauty if it had not been for the joy and the enthusiasm, or was it the shared joy and enthusiasm that revealed the beauty of the night?  


Stan Wilson

Coordinating Director & Director of Risk Management

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