Baptismal Rain

John Crouse July 19, 2021

Dan Davis has had a saying I remember since my days as a camper in the ’90s, “this is baptismal rain.”

We are embracing this saying yesterday and today as the Lord continues to grace us with baptismal rains!

The rains have been a nice change from the heat of last week. They have given us time to rest a bit more after a week of games, adventure, and a nice sprinkling of shenanigans.

The weather also gives us opportunities to practice the growth mindset, both as staff and camper. For as the saying goes, “the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.”


With the threat of Thor guard and the element of rain always in play, we have had to improvise, adapt and overcome.

For our seasoned campers who know the schedule by heart, last-minute changes to tribal games or council can be frustrating. And I have been impressed by the flexibility and grace all our campers have shown; when free swim turns into cabin activities and when council takes place in the pavilion around a candle instead of in the woods around a roaring fire.


Right now the gray skies are clear of rain and thunder and we are soaking in some skills and enjoying the cooler air.

And of course, the moment I typed that sentence it started sprinkling! God must be reminding us that baptism is not a one-time event but will happen again and again as our Spirit is renewed.

So too I appreciate the gray skies and the quenching rain because it settles the dust and gives us a renewed appreciation for those hot and sunny days.


As closing Friday approaches there is a sense of urgency.

Campers have projects they are hoping to finish. If they haven’t overcome their trepidation of the zipline, the time is coming for them to just send it. For our young fishermen, they are still trying to catch that elusive big bass.

And we still have wake sports trips, horseback trail rides, and rafting trips to take. Some campers are working towards earning another stripe, while a select few try and maintain their silence as they strive for the honor of becoming a Paladin.


Everyone’s camp journey is unique and their own, and we are all soaking it in.

And if we get soaked on the way? Well, we smile and keep playing because we are waterproof (and we don’t have a phone in our pocket to worry about!).


John Crouse

Mountain Camp Director

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