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The Triple Thrill at Camp Rockmont

The Triple Thrill combines three of the most rushing parts of the waterfront at Rockmont, the Blob, the Gullywasher, and the Zip Line. The challenge is to do all three in one day at camp!

Making History on Lake Eden | Lifeguard at Rockmont

Our waterfront program has been a valued part of the Rockmont experience since we opened in 1956. While we’ve added different elements over the years, we’ve always had a committed lifeguarding staff in the guard chairs. Join the tradition this summer! Learn more on our Program Staff page.

Nature Watch in the Nantahala Nat’l Forest

Bo Weems, Caleb Becker, and I made a trip out to Nantahala National Forest this past Saturday to climb the lookout tower on Wesser Bald. Along the way, however, we discovered an incredible waterfall along the Nantahala River and determined that we would stop there again and explore after our hike. As we were taking […]

Warming-up for Camp in South Carolina

As we warm-up for Spring and the oncoming summer months, it was quite refreshing to carry the Rockmont story down into South Carolina. During the month of February, I enjoyed visiting with Rockmont families at different ends of the Palmetto State, from the upstate all the way down to the lowcountry. Marler Showing in Greenwood […]