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Man with a Head Like a Ping Pong Ball

We are excited to announce that Innova Disc Golf has designed another Rockmont Legend disc for us! This year’s Christmas gift is an Innova DX TeeBird featuring Man with a Head Like a Ping Pong Ball. All campers who are registered for an overnight camp session by Friday, December 14 will receive the disc. You’ll […]

Father/Son Weekend 2018 – September Rafting Photos

Enjoy scrolling through the album below to see all the fun and adventure from our Rafting Trip at the September Father/Son Weekend. Navigation arrows are inside the photo frame. Clicking on a photo takes you to Flickr to download the photo. Or, you can view and download the entire album on Flickr here.

Cabin Devotion Readings for Classic 4

There are so many voices speaking into our lives. We are a culture that’s oversaturated by messaging, coming at us from a variety of people and organizations while taking a myriad of forms. And so we consider it a great privilege that you would allow us to partner in your son’s development – to be […]

Feed the Fire

A guest post by our Buckeye Tribal Director, Austin Clark, written Friday, August 3. Feed the fire​ is what I did, crouched in the low squat position, just inside the spacious Buckeye fireplace. Rain had fallen on and off most of the day. Faintly, I could hear water droplets hitting puddles behind the lodge–signaling it […]


A big Sunday dinner has been a Rockmont tradition as long as I can remember, and the theme of the meal last night was “plenty:” We make sure to say there is plenty for everyone. Of course, there is always plenty of food at every meal, but it seems important to emphasize it on Sundays […]

The Light Shining in Our Hearts

As I was making my way around camp this evening, I was struck by how many lightning bugs I saw lighting the way. It was one of the slower parts of the day as tribal activities across camp gave way to showers, snacks, and the evening devotion in the cabin areas. I was especially drawn […]

Come and See

Sunday was a big, good day. And the camp is full now. Classic 3 campers have joined Summit campers, and we are off to a great start. I think you can judge the basic health of camp by how well the campers are eating. They’ve devoured the chicken, mashed potatoes, and green beans. I hope […]