At the End of the Day

Daniel Weatherby July 13, 2022

Days at Rockmont are full of fun, friendship and adventure.

Much of this is through planned times (skills, activities, meal times, the Cola Stop, etc.).

If you’ve spent time with me during camp, you may know that my favorite times of the camp experience have always been the unplanned moments: the thunder-watch story times with counselors, the fort-building contests, the Bear Camp Super Sneaks, the dance parties, dam building behind the ship, etcetera.

For instance, last week we had our first extended Thor Guard during dinner and received the gift of a small respite to maneuver to the cabins. I was with our youngest campers and got to lead a very long story around adventures with my best friends.

If there are any buckeye parents from Classic 2 out there — the Stephen story I told is 95% true, embellished some for effect. 

Well, there’s a time each day where the creativity of the campers and staff comes alive across camp, and especially so in Bear Camp (Best Camp) — the time between the end of Evening Activities and bedtime.

Evening Activities wrap at 8:30 each evening, which for Bear Camp consisted of Battle Ball for the Buckeyes (a dodgeball game infused with generous amounts of silly dancing) and Two Fun Cans for the Birches (a game played on the soccer field with giant trash cans on the penalty spots and large kickballs. The goal being to shoot the kickballs into the trash cans — which is harder than it sounds).

Following this energetic evening, the campers go back to the cabins, some cabins head straight to the shower house, some head to the porches of the lodges for snack (last night, Oreos or an apple), and a few head straight to devotion.

I generally hangout on one of the porches, for the snacks, conversations, and to witness the nonprogrammed fun the campers take part in. 

On any given evening in Bear Camp, campers play ping-pong and foosball, rock in the rocking chairs, sit along (not on) the railings, or swing in the swings.

Meanwhile, the counselors hang out to hear and share stories from the day, and usually, one or two even bring guitar. 

From a short distance, it can sound like a songfest, a night of comedy, or a table games tournament. 

Last night was no different. 

The initial campers came right from the game, hungry for some Oreos and to hang with their buddies and share about the game. Campers would trickle outside after their shower and devotion for the same thing.

Eventually, most of the tribe is usually on the porch, grouped up and enjoying the games, songs, or conversations. 

My favorite element of last night was looking around to see a group reading Captain Underpants aloud — which I was happy to see was still in circulation — sitting next to a group with an exciting game of ping-pong. The game was lit by neighboring campers’ headlamps, and a group of campers in front of me, attempting to read the packaging of the Oreos.

The Oreo Package — which to some is simply the vehicle that delivered their small cookie sandwich — can be the root of adventure here at camp. 

We read the package together, aloud…


“What!?” the campers said (as though this was the first ingredient they didn’t recognize).

I ran a short distance to the Roundhouse to print off some information, and just a few minutes later, we were doing a deep dive on Riboflavin, B2, and the importance of a healthy variety of vitamins. 

I’ll spare the details of the history of Riboflavin (which one of the campers condensed to Whyboflavin:  “why Riboflavin”), but it was an incredible evening punctuated by an almost full moon, plenty of laughs, and heat lightning.

Fun, Friendship, and Adventure are plentiful at camp, even at the end of the day.

Daniel Weatherby

Assistant Director

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