An Ode to Murph

Camp Rockmont December 11, 2020


Michael Murphy goes by many names around Camp Rockmont. He answers to Murph, Michael, Murph Murphington, and many more variations!  Since 2015, he has played the roles of counselor, tribal director, CCC director, Climbing Director, Mountain Camp Director, and year-round intern. He is a friend, a leader, an outdoorsman, a rock climbing guru, and a challenger in how he takes on life. 


To put it simply: to know Murph is to know challenge and enthusiasm


He encourages you to look at the world and yourself with new perspectives, and recently we have all reflected on how he has helped us grow into better people. And we know that the campers, parents, and fellow staff members that he has interacted with over the years, also feel this sentiment. 


As we say goodbye to Michael Murphy, we know he will continue to take his bravery and courage into the rest of the world outside of Rockmont. We are grateful for the time and energy that he spent with us, and for his commitment to The Rockmont Way!

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