All in a Day’s Work

Shawn Marler July 7, 2015

The sun rose over Lake Eden this morning, marking the start of another day at Camp Rockmont. For many of us working at camp, mornings are one of the most beautiful parts of the day. The sun illuminates the contour of the surrounding green mountains and they can be seen twice; once against the orange sky and a second time perfectly reflected in the glimmering water. The beauty of the morning sky is a marvelous reminder of God’s promises. We are reminded that his mercies are new every morning, and it is hard not to feel grateful. Early risers (usually the younger campers) descend from their cabins and kick off the day by trying their hand at Thunder Ball, disk golf, or fishing. Select staff members, called “Dawn Treaders,” stroll the dewy grounds, ready to assist campers in their endeavors. All of this transpires in the glory of the morning, before breakfast is served. The excitement for another day at camp is tangible.

I work in the Roundhouse, and from my perch inside the summer office I get to enjoy the whirlwind of another Rockmont day swirl past my windows. Today officially began with breakfast at 8:00—eggs, grits, sausage, and biscuits fortified the boys for another day. After breakfast, all of the campers gathered in the gym for camp wide morning watch, a time of singing and unity before the day’s adventures.

At 10:00 am the campers began their first skill, and the fun continued into second skill until lunch at 1:00 pm. Today’s lunch featured baked chicken sandwiches, green peas, and chips. After clearing their plates, campers returned to their cabins for daily rest period. During this time, numerous campers visit me in the roundhouse to purchase letters, envelopes, and stamps to write their loved ones back home. I hope many of you are hearing about your son’s adventures at camp! After that, campers traveled to third and fourth skills. Several young men were off camp today, challenging themselves on a water skiing trip and a mountain biking trip under a cloudless sky.

After the day’s activities, all enjoyed a dinner of beefy mac, peas, and rolls, with the exception of Bear Camp, who had a “camp in” instead. They sat by the side of the lake around a fire pit and roasted hot dogs over the fire. Next they headed back to their lodges for a fun sing off, and fell asleep while watching Planet Earth. Deer Camp headed to the gym after dinner for a movie night, where they watched Iron Giant and enjoyed snacks. As for Mountain Camp, the Poplars embarked on a cabin campout. The Sycamores played 3 ball, 3 disk, and then swam together during night swim. Shouts of encouragement drift in through the screen windows of the Roundhouse as the boys swim under floodlights, challenging each other to dives and back flips.

Working in the Roundhouse each day, I hear snippets of the boys’ stories as they wander in looking for misplaced towels and lost discs. If not through direct conversation, I catch up on their days because they are talking excitedly with their friends. Watching their friendships blossom and deepen throughout the week is truly a gift. As the sun completes its daily journey and sinks back behind the mountains, I am thankful that in a small way, I have been apart of what God is doing at this camp. Through fellowship and challenges, both the campers and staff are growing in their relationships with each other, and understanding how they fit into God’s story. At Rockmont, it’s all in a days work.

In Christ,
Catherine Blalock
Roundhouse Staff

Today’s Bible Story…
Scripture: Mark 10:17-27
Story: The Rich Young Ruler
+Where do you see yourself in the story?
+What is the good news?

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