Alive Again

Stan Wilson June 14, 2021

Camp is alive again!

Young men are growing, right in front of our eyes, again. 

Last week I served as a lifeguard at a big celebratory free swim. I greeted one young man whom I had seen the day before in his car, almost hiding in the backseat, unsure whether he wanted to do this. Tonight those fears were gone. 

I watched this formerly fearful young man  jump off the dock with his buddy, swim out to the Turtle, climb up the ladder and then bounce. It was a simple but beautiful achievement, especially in light of the fear he felt just the day before.


We are poised to have a meaningful summer. This is a glad reunion, long in the making. We are grateful for the good noise we hear everywhere.


After our camp picture today, Mountain and Deer Camps enjoyed another full camp free swim.

Maybe it was my imagination, but this seemed especially meaningful.

Everyone seemed especially excited to have the freedom to choose their activities, the freedom to run, the freedom to breathe and the freedom to make some good noise together. 


Bear Camp is coming back from Council right now. They’ve just been welcomed into a sacred gathering that ties all of us together. Up on the mountain they’ve hiked to their own place in the woods to play games, hear stories, and pause to reflect on the goodness of God and their place in this beautiful creation. 


Camp is alive again, and I’m grateful to see it and hear it.


Stan Wilson

Coordinating Director & Director of Risk Management

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