Adventure is Out There!

Shawn Marler June 18, 2014

Adventure is out there!

Ellie speaks this beautiful truth in the movie Up, continually inviting her friend Russell to step into the next adventure. That’s exactly our work here at Rockmont, inviting campers into their next adventure. It’s a daily invitation, and one that the campers often rise to accept.

Our Sycamore campers continued their adventure deep in the Black Mountains, camping out near Mount Mitchell and taking time to breathe deeply and play in God’s creation. The South Toe River runs along their campsite and is a refreshing source of outdoor fun and beauty.

Meanwhile, back at Rockmont, the rest of camp was preparing for a day full of tribal activities and other adventures. Buckeyes eased into the day with a rotation of intramural games. These included Kickball, Thunderball, and a camp favorite called Tennis Baseball, a unique combination of two sports we love. The Birches played Powerball, a game that requires strategy and agility. Hickories played Transformers, turning the big screen movie into large camp activity. Hemlocks headed to the gym for a Battle Ball tournament, and the Poplars played Gladiator by the lake. The names of these activities alone is a call to adventure!

After refueling at lunch, the Buckeyes and Birches headed out together for an afternoon on the Waterfront. They could also be found on the Gully Washer, the Zip Line, and at the canoes. This was special time for them to make the most of all of our lake activities. Hickories and Hemlocks finished loading their backpacks and headed up the mountain for the rest of the day for their first camp out of the new session. Poplars moved into the Gym for their own Battle Ball time!

Free Swim then drew many campers to the Waterfront for blobbing, log-running, diving, and playing on the Turtle. With only Buckeye, Birch, and Poplar remaining in lower camp, the night was quieter. But the adventure rolled on. Buckeyes and Birches found themselves playing Battle Ball in the gym, led by their directors, Ol’ Deaf Ref and Ol’ Ref Jeff. The lifeguards, Day Camp, and horseback riding staff all joined the fun! It seems like every tribe made time for Battle Ball today, a long-time camp tradition. Poplars spent some intentional time in their cabin groups playing games and strengthening cabin relationships. We closed the evening during Cabin Devotions, digging deeper into the story where Jesus meets his disciples at the lake for a miraculous catch.

It was quite a day! Full of adventure and, therefore, full of growth. They stepped into some new activities, discovered some new skills, and strengthened friendships. Adventure was out there calling to them, and they accepted. We’re looking forward to all that tomorrow holds!


Shawn Marler
Bear Camp Director

Today’s Bible story is…
Throw Your Nets on the Right Side (John 21:1-7)
+Where do you see yourself in the story?
+What is the good news?

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