Adventure: A Mindset

Daniel Weatherby June 17, 2021

My wife and I live in the Haven, which sits right on the edge of the Buckeye Lodge. This summer I’ve gathered the rhythm of waking up before breakfast, making coffee, and sitting on the porch.

About 150 yards away is the Thunderball pit, and it is an epicenter of pre-breakfast fun for the Bear Campers. 


This morning, I got to witness two campers run out of the Buckeye Lodge and come to an abrupt stop at the top of the grassy knoll – they were bound for the Thunderball pit to meet their friends, but one of them noticed an opportunity.

“Let’s ROLL.”

They both plopped onto their sides, and rolled down the grassy hill (one camper attempted to continue rolling even after he had well reached flat ground!).

They then sprinted to the nearest hemlock tree, hiding behind it, and let out a giant RAWR as they finished the short journey to the ThunderDome (as many of them call it – it is not a dome, as it doesn’t meet the prerequisite of a roof. Fun name though!).


Adventure – What is it? Where is it? And, how can I get more of it?


On Opening Day, I describe Adventure to the Bear Campers (our 6-10 year olds) as a mindset they can tap into at camp every day – in games, skills, and even on the commute to the Thunderball pit. The campers, however, often don’t need this instruction. 

Hudson & Conner could’ve hosted a masterclass on finding the adventure.


This is one of the many reasons I love camp, and working in Bear Camp.

Adventure is imbued in our games, our skills, commutes, dawn jaunts, and in moments we would never expect to find it.


As I type this, I can hear the Bear Campers out on the Upper Soccer field (under the ship) finishing a rather large adventure – they played The Avengers this afternoon. Be sure to ask about that!

Overhead, the Mountain Campers are flying down the zip line, somehow playing dodgeball in canoes, and hanging out on the waterfront – the first Lake-a-palooza of 2021.

And less than a mile away, Deer Campers are heading to our trails, to find adventure this evening on a cabin campout!


I am grateful today for the return of camp, and the lesson that adventure is all around, to those who pay attention.


Hoping you can find adventure today!


Daniel Weatherby

Bear Camp Director

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