A Wonderful Wednesday of Skills, Plus Evening Watch!

Shawn Marler July 28, 2016

It was another awesome day at camp with beautiful summer weather, fun and exciting morning activities, and an afternoon of skills! This morning the Birches got to experience a little bit of what the Poplars experienced yesterday by playing a game of 3-Ball-3-Disc, a combination of soccer and ultimate frisbee. Their brother tribe, the Buckeyes, played Powerball on the lower field, scoring play pen balls (i.e. Powerballs) into trash cans (i.e. Powerball Containment Units or PCUs). The Poplars participated in a Skill Shuffle, in which they got to experience some different skills that they may not get to experience on a regular day of skills at camp. Meanwhile, the Sycamores made their way back to Rockmont from Black Mountain Campground as their Tribal Campout came to a close. All of Deer Camp finished off their Tribal and Cabin Campouts this morning with a delicious breakfast at their camp sites, and then hiked back down the mountain to arrive back to camp just in time for Free Swim before lunch.

The campers ate a delicious lunch and made sure to drink lots of water to get hydrated before they headed out into the heat for their afternoon skills. They were all so excited to return to their afternoon skills that they were introduced to on Monday. Different projects began throughout the skills as campers delved deeper into those activities. We have already seen so much growth happening across camp. After a full afternoon of skills and a filling dinner, the campers took off to play different evening games all across camp with their tribes. Bear Camp played a shirt-tail-tag game called Transformers, the Hickory Tribe was all spread out participating in different activities with their cabins, the Hemlocks played 3-Ball-3-Disk, and all of Mountain Camp was up on the Golf Course playing a strategic game of Risk.

This busy evening came to a close with everyone meeting in the gym for a camp-wide Evening Watch. The campers’ favorite thing that we do at Evening Watch always seems to be singing some of favorite our camp songs and dancing to our “;Holy Motions.” We also heard a message from Luke 19:1-10, The Story of Zacchaeus. The campers learned how it connects with their life in the fact that Jesus is a friend to all of us and frees us from the ways we judge ourselves and one another. He will meet us where we are and loves us despite what the world might say about us. Once Evening Watch came to a close, the campers were ready for bed and anxiously awaiting a new day at camp tomorrow! We are excited that we still have so much time left with your campers and we can’t wait to see what the rest of Classic 4 has to bring.

This evening’s Bible story…
Story: Zacchaeus
Scripture: Luke 19:1-10
+ Where do you connect with the story?
+ What’s the good news?

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