A Wednesday Full of Challenge and Growth

Shawn Marler July 14, 2016

Looking forward to their day on Lake James, some of our Birch campers woke up a little bit earlier this morning to eat breakfast and get out on the water! They got to try wake boarding, wake surfing, knee boarding, and water skiing. The rest of us were thankful for a couple of extra minutes to sleep, as breakfast time was at 8:45 instead of 8:00. All of the campers arrived to Eden Hall bright-eyed and bushy-tailed! Although, Eden Hall still felt a little bit empty this morning since our friends in the Hickory, Hemlock, and Sycamore tribes were returning from their three-day/two-night campouts. Excited to be reunited with those on the campouts later on, the campers ate a filling breakfast and went straight into Cabin Cleanup and Morning Watch with their tribes to be sure not to waste a minute of the day. Morning Watch contained some of the campers’ favorite energizing Camp songs and a morning devotion to lead the boys into the rest of their day.

The Birch Tribe started their tribal activity morning strong with the Challenge Course, which involves completing different activities and accomplishing goals with their cabin. Enhancing their abilities to work as a team in other ways, the Buckeyes played Pokemon Battlefront – a version of Gladiator and another one of our classic shirt-tail-tag games. The Poplars participated in a Skill Shuffle involving a few different skills such as slack-lining, crafts, dam-building, and making paper airplanes. The tribes that were on their campouts arrived back to Camp just in time for a refreshing Free Swim with everyone else before lunch.

There was also a lot of excitement after lunch, as all campers were able to get back to their 3rd and 4th skills that they were introduced to on Monday. Campers set new goals for themselves and learned a lot of new things during this afternoon of skills. After dinner, Tribal Activities picked right back up until it was time for Evening Watch. All of Bear Camp played a big game of Super Mario, in which the teams Mario and Wario had to save the princesses from Bowser. The Hickory Tribe played a game called Braveheart, complete with William Wallace’s speech delivered by Counselor Jake on a horse. Meanwhile, the Hemlocks played Three-Ball-Three-Disc, a combination of soccer and ultimate Frisbee. Both Poplar and Sycamore were together on the Golf Course playing a strategic game of Risk.

Tribal Activities came to a close at about 8:30 and then everyone gathered in the Gym at 9:00 for Camp-wide Evening Watch. During Evening Watch we got a little crazy with some singing and dancing, and then had a discussion involving today’s Bible passage, Mark 10:13-15, The Little Children and Jesus. We talked about how God wants us to accept Him and His Kingdom in the same way that the little children in this story did. Good news is found in the fact that God invites each of us to come to know him just as a child knows his parent.

This evening’s Bible story…
Scripture: Mark 10:13-15
Story: The Little Children and Jesus
+ Where do you connect with the story?
+ What’s the good news?

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